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graphql-metrics from Shopify is a ruby gem that allows you to instrument your GraphQL server. You can extract tons of interesting metrics which can then be processed to understand the health of you GraphQL server operationally.


A 5 Line "hack" for your GraphQL resolvers

In this article, Vampiire walks through a simple enhancement you can add to GraphQL resolvers interacting with your database via Sequelize. He explains that by using the info object from a resolver, you can map those incoming fields in your GraphQL query to your database query. Overall he saw a 94% reduction in database load for these type of resolvers. Check it out!

GraphQL security in Node.js project

In this article from David Mráz explains a common threat model in GraphQL applications. Potential attackers could make complex queries that could put tremendously load on your servers. David explains some awesome tips to secure your GraphQL server from potential attackers.


GraphQL Glossary & FAQ guide

The GraphQL Glossary is a handy cheat sheet to help provide an accessible reference for learning GraphQL. The FAQ is for engineers who need answers to problems that you come across when building GraphQL applications. It’s a living guide and will constantly be updated as more product teams experience GraphQL.

JS Party: "REST easy, GraphQL is here" with John Resig

In this episode of JS Party, John Resig explains the evolution of front-end architecture at Khan Academy. He talks a lot about the growth of front-end systems at Khan Academy from REST to GraphQL. Jerod and Suz talk with John about his experiences with GraphQL at Khan Academy, some of the mistakes and successes using GraphQL, his feelings on jQuery, and community Q&A.