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Sara Vieira - Live Coding GraphQL with Prisma

Watch as Sara Vieira lives codes a Prisma GraphQL backend and connects it to a React JS frontend. This talk was held at the JAMStack Portugal meetup.


Dealing with N+1 in GraphQL

This article from Radoslav Stankov aims to pose a common question when engineers start leveraging GraphQL in their APIs: What about N + 1 queries? An engineer at Product Hunt, Radoslav dives into what N + 1 queries are and how they can be remedied with the GraphQL::Batch ruby gem from Shopify.

Debugging complex GraphQL queries with short-links into GraphiQL

This article from Nils Norman Haukås demonstrates how you can intercept requests made in local GraphQL development flows to create short-links in your terminal. These links allow you to quickly open incoming GraphQL queries in your GraphiQL editor. The end result is a heightened developer experience where your GraphiQL editor is pre-filled with the query and any accompanying variables.

Learn to Build a GraphQL Server with Minimal Effort

In this awesome introductory post from Ian Wilson, readers can expect to start with GraphQL from the ground up. Start with understanding the GraphQL basics and progressively build up your knowledge. This article is perfect for newcomers to GraphQL interested in going from zero to development!

GraphQL on the server from Joyent

This article from joint authors Wyatt Preul and Lloyd Benson of Joyent Inc, explains approaching GraphQL from a REST background. They go through a simple query and show the implementation on the server. In order to help make it easy to get started with GraphQL in Node.js with existing hapi.js engineers they have created graphi, a hapi.js GraphQL server plugin. Check it out today!

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Middleware - A Library to Simplify Your Resolvers

GraphQL Middleware lets you run arbitrary code before or after a resolver is invoked. A common problem in GraphQL servers is that resolvers often get cluttered with business logic, making the entire resolver system harder to understand and maintain. GraphQL Middleware uses the middleware pattern (well-known from Express.js) to pull out repetitive code from resolvers and execute it before or after one your resolvers is invoked.