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Getting a grip on GraphQL

In this talk Annyce Davis discusses the basics of GraphQL. She explains that instead of relying on a predetermined output structure from your API, you can “query” it and choose only the fields that are necessary. In this talk at Kotliners 2018, she teaches what GraphQL is all about and how you can take advantage of it in your applications.

Open Source & Tools

QLoo - The Codeless GraphQL Engine

QLoo leverages Gloo, a microservice gateway to provide a GraphQL frontend for REST/gRPC applications and serverless functions. QLoo routes requests to data sources via Envoy, leveraging HTTP filters for security, load balancing, and more.

GraphQL Genie

GraphQL Genie automatically generates a fully featured GraphQL API with referential integrity and inverse updates that can be used client side or server side.


gqlgen is a golang library for building GraphQL servers without any fuss. gqlgen is schema first, you define your API using the GraphQL Schema Definition Language, it is type safe so you can guarantee the code you are writing matches the types you expect, and it has code generation to simplify your workflow.


Generate Strongly Typed React Components with GraphQL

In this article, Mat Warger discusses how to generate strongly-typed React components to enforce the type definitions of your GraphQL server. Leveraging GraphQL you can be sure that your props and state are what you expect, at build-time, and code your components to match that interface.

GraphQL Introspection

This multi-part article from David Mraz dives into the deep details of GraphQL's introspection query. David explains the anatomy of an introspection query diving from the semantics to it's utilization in GraphQL servers.