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GraphQL Bindings for Service to Service Communication

A GraphQL binding is a minimal, auto-generated GraphQL client for a specific GraphQL API. In this article, Abhi Ayer explains how GraphQL bindings are used for service-to-service communication at Workpop.

Modularizing your graphQL schemas

Did you ever wonder how to distribute your SDL type definitions across multiple .graphql-files in order to keep your project structure clean and modular? Let Tomas Alabes teach you how you can use the graphql-import library for that purpose.

Why GraphQL: Advantages, Disadvantages & Alternatives

If you're not sure whether GraphQL is the right choice for your next project, you need to read this article! Robin Wieruch gives a great overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using GraphQL and also presents some alternatives.


A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix

This tutorial by Brandon Richey is an excellent introductory guide for Elixir/Phoenix developers that want to learn how to get started with GraphQL. Bonus points for a great structure and detailled instructions!

GraphQL Dynamic Persisted Queries

Corey Clark teaches you how to build a fullstack app (React & Node) that uses dynamic persisted queries. It's great to see more tutorials that are touching on non-trivial use cases for GraphQL - huge shoutout to Corey for that!

Community & Open Source

GraphQL Workshop by Sara Vieira (Video)

Sara Vieira recently gave a beginner-level GraphQL workshop hosted by React Kyiv. The workshop teaches how to build a simple GraphQL server. The code and all exercises for the workshop are available here.


The tooling landscape and IDE support for GraphQL is shaping up! After the introduction of a VS Code Plugin for GraphQL, the latest release of the js-graphql-intellij-plugin now also features support for graphql-config and a lot more nice features.