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Watch all talks from GraphQL Europe 2018

GraphQL Europe 2018 had brilliant talks from top companies like Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Docker, Shopify, Prisma & more. You can now watch all of them on the Prisma Youtube channel. In case you couldn’t make it in person or want to refresh your memory, you can now watch all the amazing talks from the conference!

GraphQL Finland Speakers

GraphQL Finland is on October 18-19, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. This event consists of a workshop day and a day of talks exploring GraphQL in depth. GraphQL Finland is organized by the same team that brought you React Finland. Register now to listen to talks from Dan Schafer, Mikhail Novikov, Sara Vieira and much more!


File Uploads with Apollo Server 2.0

File uploads are one of the most common requirements for modern web applications. Recently the GraphQL community has been trying to integrate this feature into their applications but have hit a wall as the GraphQL specification does not describe this behavior. In this article Prosper Otemuyiwa demonstrates built in file upload support in Apollo Server 2.0 inspired by the apollo-upload-server module.

Protect GraphQL Properties With JWT In A Node App

Access Control is a huge concern for web applications. Engineers using GraphQL find themselves figuring out how to protect their queries from the general public via roles/permissions. In this article Nic Raboy provides a guide for securing NodeJS GraphQL applications with JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Top 5 GraphQL Scalars

In this article Abhi Aiyer describes the use cases for custom scalars in your GraphQL applications. Custom Scalars allow you to encode product data expectations in your type system pushing this complexity from the client to your GraphQL server. Abhi further discusses 5 useful custom scalars that can help your product development.

Tools & Open Source


FlacheQL is a fast caching library for GraphQL. While GraphQL clients like Apollo and Relay allow caching at the field level, FlacheQL allows users to retrieve cache results based on search parameters. This library has minimal setup and customization around retrieving data from your cache either by field or parameter options.

The New GraphCMS is Ready for Launch!

Created almost a year ago, GraphCMS aims to bring 10x value to businesses and enterprises by creating the most developer friendly content API on the planet. In this announcement Jesse Martin sheds light on the new revamped GraphCMS from the new User Experience, Security Features, Webhook apis and more. With a fresh new set of features and performance increases, the next era of what a content management system can be, has begun.