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Instant Prisma deployment to Heroku

With the new Heroku integration in Prisma Cloud, getting started with Prisma and running it in production becomes as easy as never before. Have a database and your own Prisma server ready to use with just a few clicks. Read more infos in the linked article or watch the 3-min demo video.

GraphQL Europe 2018  -  A summary

GraphQL Europe 2018 happened exactly two weeks ago. In this article, Chris Grice describes his experience from the biggest GraphQL conference in Europe. A great read, especially if you weren't able to make it there in person!

Why we moved our graphQL server from Node.js to Golang

In this article, Roger Chapman describes how his team at SafetyCulture moved their GraphQL server from Node.JS to the Go language. One major benefit they saw from moving to Go was the possibility to validate resolvers against their schema at compile-time. Roger further speaks about tooling and performance benefits.

Tools & Open Source


Canner is a universal CMS framework based on React. It is extremely flexible in terms of the data sources it can adopt and works with GraphQL as well as with REST. It also features out-of-the-box support for Prisma.


GraphQL Clients (~25 min) by Mikhail Novikov

In this talk, Mikhail Nivikov (author of major pieces of the graphql-tools library) gives an overview of caching strategies and implementation details of GraphQL clients and discusses the examples of Apollo Client and Relay.

GraphQL and REST Differences explained with burgers 🍔

This was probably the most popular tweet ever to concisely explain what GraphQL is. Sara Vieira describes the differences between REST and GraphQL by the example of burgers 🍔