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GraphQL for databases: A layer for universal database access?

ZDNet is a major global tech publication that just published an article about GraphQL. What's particularly interesting about the article is the perspective of looking at GraphQL as a universal query language. A stimulating and thought-provoking read written by George Anadiotis.

REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review

There has been a lot of talk about GraphQL vs REST. As Zdenek Nemec points out in this article, the discussion is a bit more complicated than the arguments that are commonly brought to the table. The author argues that when following a strict REST approach, REST can be superior to GraphQL in many ways. At the same time, "True REST APIs are incredibly hard to pull off" and so rare that the author can "count them on two hands". In the end, deciding between REST and GraphQL remains a tradeoff and decisions should be made according to specific use cases. Reading this article, you'll be well-informed when you have to make the decision of how to design your next API. An excellent read!

The New GraphCMS - Open Beta

GraphCMS just announced an open beta for an entirely redesigned version of their service. That new version provides improved UX, multiple stages for your projects, content views and allows for defining customized publishing states (as opposed to the binary "Draft" and "Published" states from before). Check out all the new features now!

Tools & Open Source

Introducing GraphQL for Visual Studio Code

Thanks to GraphQL's strong type systems, code editors and IDEs are able to notably improve your GraphQL development workflows. This new VS Code Plugin is aware of your GraphQL schema(s) and therefore helps you with intelligent autocompletion, jump-to-definition, static error checking, query validation and a lot more. Just install it from the official VS Code marketplace to get started.

The GraphQL Stack, explained

As the GraphQL ecosystem grows and matures, it can be difficult to keep track of the various tools and how they fit into your stack. Steve Mercatante created a nice visual overview to put the most popular GraphQL tools into context.


GraphQL Finland 2018

After a successful GraphQL Europe 2018, the next GraphQL conference is just around the corner. Mikhail Novikov and Juho Vepsäläinen set out to bring the GraphQL community together in Helsinki. Mark your calendars for October 18/19 🇫🇮