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GraphQL with a Functional Backend

In this article, Sean Handley shows off some of the work he's been doing at Stuart integrating Elixir with GraphQL. Sean first gives a primer on GraphQL and then more details about the reference implementation for Elixir called Absinthe. Check it out if you've been wanting to dive into Absinthe!

Choosing a GraphQL server in Go

In this article by Dai Shi, several GraphQL libraries are explored with the aims of using GraphQL with the Go Language. Dai explores 5 Go implementations documenting how an engineer would write a simple resolver.


GraphQL APIs for Database Administration

This article by Michael Hunger, explores the concept of database administration through GraphQL. Leveraging Neo4j, by installing the neo4j-graphqlextension you will have a nice admin api put of the box. After the simple click to install, you'll be ready to play with your Admin API via GraphiQL or GraphQL Playground.

Connecting Phoenix Applications with Absinthe and Subscriptions

In this tutorial, Eric Sullivan from Annkissam dives into leveraging GraphQL Subscriptions in your Elixir/Phoenix applications. This tutorial will have you exploring a simple application with Absinthe Phoenix building data models to GraphQL schemas. You'll be up and running with subscriptions in no time!

Community & Open Source

Announcing Apollo Server 2

Apollo Server 2.0 has just shipped for production use! Enjoy an improved developer experience with an easy to stand up GraphQL API with minimal setup. Apollo Server comes ready to use with the best development patterns: error handling, testing and mocking, subscriptions, and more. A notable piece of this release is how Apollo Server fits into your existing APIs allowing you to embed REST endpoints right in the server! Check it out today!

The GraphQL Guide

The GraphQL Guide, written by John Resig (creator of jQuery) and Loren Sands-Ramshaw aim to open the benefits of integrating GraphQL into your development toolkit. This book comes with tons of valuable content for all levels and is written by a pair of passionate authors. If you want to get started learning GraphQL today, this is a great start.