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The G-Unit Stack: Go, GraphQL, and gRPC

This is an excellent article discussing the "G-Unit stack": Go, GraphQL and gRPC. Iheanyi Ekechukwu explains how to use the combination of these technologies to build service-oriented architectures with an API gateway layer (which uses GraphQL). A short but very informative and inspirational read!

Announcing the GraphQL Europe Schedule 🎉

The final conference schedule for GraphQL Europe has been published. Prepare yourself for awesome talks by speakers like Mike Solomon (Twitter), Johannes Schickling (Prisma), Daniel Woelfel (Facebook), Tyler Martinez (Docker), Leanne Shapton (Shopify), Sasha Solomon (Medium), Peggy Rayzis (Apollo), GraphQL creators Nick Schrock and Lee Byron and many, many more! Get 20% off your ticket with this promo code: gql-weekly

Prisma raises $4.5M to build the GraphQL data layer for all databases

Probably the biggest GraphQL news this week was that Prisma (formerly known as Graphcool) has raised a seed round of $4,5M that will help them pursue their mission of "building the data layer for modern applications". What an exciting time for GraphQL! (You can also read about the investment on TechChrunch here).


Getting Started With GraphQL Using Golang

Golang developers watch out - this one is for you! Nic Raboy wrote an excellent introduction tutorial demonstrating how to get started with Go and GraphQL using the graphql-go library. Give it a read if you want to learn how you can up your API game!

Tools & Open Source


The graphql-constraint-directive library allows to declare certain restrictions on your GraphQL fields to validate input fields. It uses the @constraint directive and is inspired by the Constraints Directives RFC as well as OpenAPI.


If you're using Prisma as your data access layer to connect your API server to your database, you might wonder how to properly implement several authentication features like signup, login, email confirmations, user invites, changing/resetting passwords. This library, written by Kees Kluskens, takes an opinionated approach for authentication and provides lots of utility functions you probably want to have in your app. Definitely check it out if you're building GraphQL servers with Prisma.