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Prisma now supports Postgres

Big news for Postres users: You can now use Prisma as a "GraphQL proxy" for your database. Together with GraphQL bindings, Prisma acts as an ORM layer that's opimitized for building GraphQL servers.

Is GraphQL The Future?

In this article, Alan Johnson from the Artsy team performs a deep-dive into various topics that are discussed when comparing GraphQL with other API technologies. An excellent and highly-recommended read for everyone who wants to dive a bit deeper than the typical over- and underfetching arguments for using GraphQL.


Fullstack React & GraphQL Course (4 h 5 min)

freeCodeCamp is well-known for their awesome articles and tutorials. This 4-hour tutorial video is an entire course on building a fullstack app with GraphQL and React.

Building GraphQL Applications with Relay (38 min)

Chris Grice recently gave a great talk, including a comprehensive live demo, about building a GraphQL app with React & Relay at the GraphQL Manchester Meetup. Find the slides of his talk here.

Community & Open Source

GraphQL Binding 2.0: Improved API, schema transforms & automatic codegen

GraphQL bindings provide a convenient interface to interact with a GraphQL API from your programming language. They further let you compose, reuse and customize runnable instances of GraphQL APIs. This week, version 2.0 of the graphql-binding package has been released with lots of simplifying changes and exciting new features.

GraphQL Europe 2018 🇪🇺

GraphQL Europe is only 5 weeks away, learn about the exciting speakers and talks you can expect at Europe's biggest gathering of GraphQL newcomers and veterans! Note that we have a partnership with them that is getting you a 20% discount on your ticket when using the this promo code on Eventbrite: gql-weekly