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Building a URL shortener with Graphcool, Apollo & Netlify

Divyendu Singh shares his experience of building a URL shortener combining a set of modern web technologies: Graphcool, Apollo Client and Netlify.

Coursera’s Journey to GraphQL

Coursera has been one of the early adopters of GraphQL. In this post, Bryan Kane shares how the transition went in going from a REST & Microservices architecture to GraphQL and elaborates on the challenges they ran into along the way.


What Is GraphQL?

Many developers are still not quite sure how GraphQL works and are looking for comprehensive and beginner-friendly tutorials. This one definitely falls into that category! Gigi Sayfan provides a great general overview of everything that's relevant for someone being relatively new to to GraphQL. Definitely worth a read!

Building an E-Commerce App with GraphCMS, Node & Apollo

In this tutorial, Charles Ouellet walks you trough the process of building a fully-fledged e-commerce application. The app uses Apollo on the frontend and is backed by a GraphQL API which is provided by GraphCMS, a headless CMS for GraphQL!


Server-side Rendering with GraphQL - James Baxley (Video)

Wonder how to make server-side Rendering work with GraphQL? James Baxley recently gave a talk on this topic at the ReactNYC Meetup. A great overview of everything that's relevant for SSR & GraphQL in just under 20 minutes!

GraphQL Radio - End of Summer with the Apollo Interns! (Podcast)

A new episode of GraphQL Radio is here! This time, the hosts interview the Apollo interns, Ramya, Shadaj and Evans about their experience working on open source tools over the summer. Tune in to learn more and hear their stories!