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Articles & Tutorials

Object as an argument for GraphQL mutations and queries

Did you ever wonder what exactly GraphQL input types are? In this quick tutorial, David Mráz sheds some light on when and how these should be used.

GraphQL Benefits in a REST API, But How?

In this post, Chase Doelling provides a great overview on the differences between GraphQL & REST. Great content especially if you're new to GraphQL!

Why We’re Betting on GraphQL

The Universe engineering team with a great write-up on their process of adopting GraphQL. They compiled five interesting benefits they got from using GraphQL, among them a better domain layer abstraction as well as typed request/response interfaces. Read on for the details, it's worth it!

Tools & Open Source


A nice little project by Garen Torikian to parse GraphQL IDL in Rust. He states his motivation with the belief "that when it comes to creating a tool ecosystem, base implementations ought to be in a language that can be consumed by other projects".


This library provides GraphQL query analysis to reject complex queries that are made against your GraphQL server. It can be used to protect your GraphQL servers against resource exhaustion and DoS attacks and currently is compatible with <code>graphql-js</code>.


GraphQL Summit tickets are here!

GraphQL Summit is happening on October 25-26 in San Francisco and the first batch of early bird tickets has now been released. At the same time, the first speakers have been announced, prepare yourself for some awesomeness with talks by Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, Johannes Schickling and many more!

GraphQL Berlin Meetup next Thursday

The next GraphQL Berlin Meetup will happen next Thursday with two awesome talks! Alexis Mas will speak about how GraphQL is used as an API gateway to integrate existing REST endpoints at Xing. Second, Michael Hunger will provide some insights for how GraphQL plays together with Graph Databases and demo the Neo4j GraphQL extension. RSVP now if you're in the area!