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The Anatomy of a GraphQL Query

If you've been wondering what exactly a GraphQL query can consist of, checkout this great article by stubailo! From queries over fragments and directives, it covers all the terminology you need. Time to become a GraphQL expert!

Freecom Tutorial: Apollo Setup & GraphQL Queries/Mutations

Throughout the tutorial series you will learn how to setup a Intercom clone using a GraphQL backend. In part 2, you'll take a deep dive into queries and mutations with Apollo Client and React. The corresponding video allows you to get your hands dirty and follow along directly in the code. Enjoy!

So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about?

Now is the perfect time to learn about GraphQL - we couldn't agree more with @SachaGreif's assessment. This article explains what GraphQL actually is and gives an amazing overview of all the different available resources in the GraphQL landscape. Thanks for the great write-up and the shoutout!

Open Source


CGS is a nifty command-line tool that lets you generate a GraphQL server with only a few commands. It makes use of the IDL schema definition language to add GraphQL types to your schema. The generated server is backed by MongoDB and NodeJS, making great use of the fact that GraphQL is agnostic to specific technologies. What a great tool!


Free Opportunity Tickets for GraphQL-Europe

Great news for the GraphQL conference in Europe! @github is sponsoring 25 free diversity tickets for the first GraphQL conference in Europe that takes place this May in Berlin. Take the chance and apply now to receive yours!