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Articles & Videos

Why you might want a GraphQL client

@dhaivatsays explains the three core responsibilities of a GraphQL client. The article also mentions a few common misconceptions and how Apollo Client ties into this. It's a great resource that helps understanding the maze of tools and libraries out there. Oh, and there's cows too, so don't miss it!

How I made a company dictionary with graph.cool and webtask.io

A great article by @kmelve that highlights how easy it is to combine different tools to end up with cool apps. In this case, a Norwegian dictionary for funny or weird expressions used by consultans. The tech stack could be described as a slack-webtask-graph.cool-website-zapier-slack webapp - sounds confusing? Have a look at the beautiful illustration to see how easy it really is!

Open Source

ReactQL: Modern stack for React+GraphQL

ReactQL combines React for UI, Apollo for GraphQL and Redux for state and more awesome tools into a super cool starter kit. There's no tedious setup involved - you can rely on the included super powers and focus on building your app instead. A great tool to kick start your production-ready app today!

Freecom: Building Intercom with GraphQL and Apollo

In this modern age of emojis, chat bots and instant communication, it's more important than ever to nail the chat experience of your website. And now you can - by building Freecom that combines GraphQL with React and Slack to deliver a production-ready alternative to Intercom. Dive into the tutorial series to learn how to build it yourself and free up your communication!


ReactJS Austin Meetup

Erik Schlegel will explore the powerful developer tools and core principles behind GraphQL at the next ReactJS Austin Meetup. GraphQL event-based subscriptions to build a reactive backend that powers a real-time messaging app will also be covered, so make sure to drop by.