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GraphQL Trusted Documents

GraphQL enthusiasts will appreciate Benjie's exploration of trusted documents in GraphQL. The article dives into the importance of verifying data integrity and authenticity in GraphQL APIs. Benjie highlights how trusted documents can be used to establish secure communication between clients and servers, ensuring that only authorized and validated data is processed. This insightful piece emphasizes the role of trusted documents in enhancing GraphQL's already robust security features.

Distributed GraphQL Subscriptions with NATS and Event Driven Architecture

In their article on distributed GraphQL subscriptions with NATS and event-driven architecture, WunderGraph explores the challenges of real-time data updates in decentralized systems. The author argues that traditional polling approaches are inefficient for large audiences, proposing an event-driven architecture powered by NATS. This approach enables subscribers to receive immediate notifications of data changes through GraphQL mutations. The article dives into the technical implementation of this architecture, emphasizing the role of NATS as a lightweight messaging platform.

All you need to know about GraphQL Security [Infographic]

The escape team created an infrgraphic summarizing the key aspects of GraphQL Security. It's a valuable resource for beginners and experienced developers alike to grasp the fundamental concepts of GraphQL in a concise visual format.

Tools & Open Source

Strawberry GraphQL, Introducing the new Playground

The Strawberry GraphQL team introduces their new Playground tool, designed to streamline the development and exploration of GraphQL APIs. This interactive platform offers a visual interface for building queries, inspecting mutations, and testing GraphQL servers. The Playground features code completion, auto-fetching of documentation, and support for subscriptions. This article emphasizes how the new Playground simplifies debugging, experimenting, and collaboratively building GraphQL applications.

gql.tada, New CLI Workflows 2024/04/15

gql.tada's Devlog explores the importance of testing GraphQL APIs thoroughly. The article highlights the challenges of traditional testing approaches, such as isolation testing and mutation testing, and proposes a comprehensive testing strategy for GraphQL applications. GQL TADA emphasizes the role of mutation testing frameworks in ensuring data integrity and uncovering potential issues. This insightful piece provides practical guidance on how to implement effective testing practices for GraphQL APIs.


[Webinar] GraphQL Security, April 23

Join Uri Goldshtein, founder of the Guild, and Tristan Kalos, CEO and co-founder at Escape, for a webinar on the challenges of GraphQL security. During this live discussion, they will explore the critical aspects of securing GraphQL APIs, addressing common vulnerabilities, sharing their experiences and discussing best practices for ensuring strong security measures. Additionally, Uri and Tristan will share their insights into emerging threats in the GraphQL ecosystem and strategies for mitigating them effectively.

Meetup, GraphQL London, April 30th

Join the London GraphQL community for their upcoming GraphQL event in London on April 27th. The day-long conference features a lineup of industry experts who will share their insights on various aspects of GraphQL development. Topics covered will include building scalable GraphQL APIs, optimizing performance, and leveraging GraphQL for real-time applications. The event also includes workshops and networking opportunities for attendees to connect with fellow GraphQL enthusiasts.

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