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GraphQL's unique value proposition

In their recent article, "GraphQL's Unique Value Proposition," Tailcall argues that GraphQL stands out for its ability to decouple data access from UI development. This separation empowers developers to build flexible and scalable APIs while fostering independent team collaboration. Unlike REST APIs, which often force developers to overfetch data or implement cumbersome pagination strategies, GraphQL offers a more efficient and user-friendly approach. By fetching only the data needed for a specific query, GraphQL minimizes network traffic and improves performance. This empowers developers to build responsive and efficient applications without compromising data integrity.

Why GraphQL - How Yelp helps internal teams promote the use of GraphQL

Yelp's "Why GraphQL?" guide explores the core tenets of GraphQL and emphasizes its advantages over traditional REST APIs. The document highlights GraphQL's flexible data fetching capabilities, which empower developers to request only the data needed for a specific query. This eliminates unnecessary data overfetching and optimizes performance. Additionally, GraphQL's schema-first approach fosters clarity and collaboration among teams by clearly defining data structures before development begins. This eliminates ambiguity and simplifies collaboration between backend and frontend engineers.

You probably don't need GraphQL 🤔

Max argues that GraphQL represents a paradigm shift in data fetching. Traditional REST APIs often burden developers with unnecessary data overfetching and inefficient pagination strategies. In contrast, GraphQL empowers developers to request only the data required for a specific query, minimizing network traffic and improving performance. This flexibility fosters a more responsive and efficient development experience. Additionally, GraphQL's schema-first approach promotes clarity and collaboration by explicitly defining data structures before development commences.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Yoga, Experimental Support for Execution Cancellation

In the real world, a lot of HTTP requests are dropped or canceled. This can happen due to a flakey internet connection, navigation to a new view or page within a web or native app or the user simply closing the app. In this case, the server can stop processing the request and save resources. That is why Yoga now comes with experimental support for canceling the GraphQL execution upon request cancellation.


[Webinar] GraphQL Security, April 23

Join Uri Goldshtein, founder of the Guild, and Tristan Kalos, CEO and co-founder at Escape, for a webinar on the challenges of GraphQL security. During this live discussion, they will explore the critical aspects of securing GraphQL APIs, addressing common vulnerabilities, sharing their experiences and discussing best practices for ensuring strong security measures. Additionally, Uri and Tristan will share their insights into emerging threats in the GraphQL ecosystem and strategies for mitigating them effectively.

GraphQLConf 2024, September 10-12, San Francisco 🎉

Inviting innovators, decision-makers, and GraphQL aficionados alike! GraphQL Foundation are thrilled to announce the return of GraphQLConf, the much-anticipated official conference for anyone working with GraphQL. After a very successful inaugural conference last year, we are setting the stage for an even bigger event, returning once again to San Francisco — but this time to the heart of this vibrant city! Mark your calendars for September 10-12, 2024, as we invite you to join us at the stunning JW Marriott in San Francisco Union Square for a three-day celebration of learning, innovation, networking, and community.

Apollo GraphQL Summit 2024, October 8-10, Ney York City

Apollo GraphQL is thrilled to announce the inaugural GraphQL Summit, taking place in New York City on May 1-2, 2024. This two-day conference promises an insightful exploration of the GraphQL ecosystem, bringing together developers, architects, and GraphQL enthusiasts from around the world.

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