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8base – GraphQL API and Serverless Back End

8base is a ready-to-use serverless backend that generates a GraphQL API based on your database schema. It’s framework agnostic, relational data-driven, and can be used for SaaS applications. 8base allows devs to build out applications using a frontend framework of their choice and backend functions written in JavaScript/TypeScript.


Using GraphQL to Improve Data Hydration in our Customer Care Platform and Beyond

The engineers at Uber share how GraphQL has significantly decreased the amount of code engineers have to write to add new features and has helped streamline development. Kunyao Liu describes the nature of using a service-oriented micro service architecture and the need for new data hydration tooling. Read more on Fusion.js and how Uber’s Customer Care Platform frontend connects with their GraphQL server.

Federated GraphQL Server at Scale: Zillow Rental Manager Real-time Chat Application

This blog discusses how Zillow utilized GraphQL to develop a central communication platform that provides in-app chat functionality for both renters and property owners. Akshar Takle breaks down the frontend and backend architecture and explains why a federated schema was the best solution for team independence and reusability.


GraphQL in the Python World

Listen to this immersive webinar recording where Nafiul Islam from the PyCharm team demos a GraphQL implementation for Python using the Graphene library. He first dives into what GraphQL is and what problems it solves in comparison to RESTful APIs. The video then covers how to write a todo application in Flask that will publish GraphQL endpoints. All the sample code presented during the webinar can be found in the comments underneath the video.


Football Transfers Graph App with the GRANDstack Starter Kit

This tutorial goes into detail on how to create an app with GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j using a starter kit template that can be found in the article. It demonstrates how to use neo4j-graphql-js library to generate an initial GraphQL schema and how to manipulate the results of the query to populate tables. Mark Needham also provides examples on modifying GraphQL types and mapping a custom Cypher query to a type.