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How we learned to stop worrying and love GraphQL

Read more about why the engineers at Revolut adopted GraphQL and their journey from implementing GraphQL over their REST/RPC endpoints. Andrew Los details the issues GraphQL solves, such as typescript and stale API typings, and the migration from Redux to Apollo for the data layer.

Building Resilient GraphQL APIs Using Idempotency

This blog explains how Shopify built a new Payment Service that utilizes GraphQL and API idemopotency. The blog presents the difficulties with non-resilient payment services that could fail to complete a charge or even double-charge buyers. Todd Jefferson also dives into the team’s thought process on choosing API level idemopotency, the steps on GraphQL implementation, and some drawbacks of API idempotency.

Tools & Open Source


Try out GraphQL Manifold for productive schema-first GraphQL development in any Java project. GraphQL Manifold allows Java code to directly access types and queries defined in native GraphQL schema files. The documentation provides a sample project that demonstrate all the various features of the tool, such as loading a GraphQL object, executing queries and mutations, and configuring HTTP requests.


Introducing GraphQLZero, a free, online GraphQL API that allows users to get fake data from a real backend while testing or prototyping an app. Inspired and powered by JSONPlaceholder, this tool serves the same dataset but in the form of a GraphQL API. To get started, there are example queries and mutations to run against a real backend provided in the documentation.


Check out Diane.jl, a library that provides tools to implement a GraphQL API in Julia using both the code-first and schema-first approach. Diana.jl is easy to use and data agnostic, supporting any type of data source like SQL, NoSQL, etc. Use this package to quickly build schemas and types that are fully compliant with the GraphQL spec in Julia.


Having Your Cake and Eating It Too - GraphQL in Reason

Listen to Sean Grove’s in-depth talk at the You Gotta Love Frontend Conference 2019 as he presents the differences between REST and GraphQL through the example of Spotify’s REST API. He then introduces the package ocaml-graphql-server that demonstrates proper GraphQL support in ReasonML libraries. The talk includes thoughts on introspectable servers and queries, the new type-safe ReasonReact, hot reloading, and more.