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Articles and Posts

State of Javascript: GraphQL

Beautifully animated and rendered, the 2018 State of Javascript survey showcases the result of over 20,000 developers and their opinions on Javascript, with a full section devoted to the state of and opinions on GraphQL. According to this survey, the most liked quality of GraphQL is its "Elegant programming style and patterns" while the most disliked is that it's "Bloated and Complex". You can see the demographics of GraphQL users and which frameworks it is most often paired with. A fun page to explore and compare against your own experiences.

GraphQL is Everywhere

Who doesn't love a list? In this CSS Tricks entry, Chris Coyier has collected a number of great articles featuring GraphQL and a variety of front-end tools. For extra readability, the links all highlight the stack parts they cover and the tools being used. A handy directory with some nice tutorials to jump into your favorite tech and GraphQL.

React and GraphQL at the NYTimes

This nice summary article from Software Engineering Daily covers the technical evolution of the New York Times and the decisions they made when choosing to use GraphQL and React. Facing a unique challenge of having to display the news across an overwhelming variety of devices, the New York Times had to make a number of decisions of Relay vs React and GraphQL vs Falcor; this piece covers the challenges they faced and how they chose the tools to address them.


Crafting compelling real-time web experiences with GraphQL and React

A really fascinating talk on working effectively with real-time database changes. Rob Crowley covers GraphQL subscriptions, integrating React Client with Apollo Client, and finally discusses some ways to prevent malicious or expensive queries. A very hands-on presentation, Rob shares a lot of the code and specific techniques that can make a realtime user experience shine.

Open Source


With a recent open source release, GraphQL doctor helps you avoid breaking changes in your GraphQL API . This app hooks directly into Github and provides a bright visual overview to any changes that could have unwanted future effects.