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GraphQL with React and Apollo

If a video were judged exclusively on its comments, the joy of the watchers of this first of a four part series by Brad Traversy would put this video in a league of its own. Starting from scratch and diving deep into each step of the process, this series covers setting up GraphQL with React and Apollo using Express and pulling from SpaceX data 🚀. The final video in the series guides users through deploying the app they've built on Heroku.

Introduction to Django and GraphQL

In his DjangoCon talk, Patrick Arminio provides an overview of using GraphQL with Django and Python. After giving an intro to GraphQL, he covers queries, mutations, and other considerations, using Graphene as his Python library. He rounds out his talk by highlighting some security strategies against potential malicious queries.

A GraphQL field guide (with Java)

Speaking at Devoxx Belgium, Bojan Tomić goes over many common GraphQL features and concerns. With a focus on GraphQL with Java, especially using and highlighting the SPQR (pronounced speaker) library, he covers a variety of GraphQL topics such as addressing malicious queries, optimizing fetching, addressing the N+1 problem, authorization, caching and others.

Open Source

Ariadne— a Python library for implementing GraphQL servers

Mirumee has just released a new library for building GraphQL servers in Python, with an API inspired by Apollo Server and support for SDL— it also comes with GraphQL playground. You can find the full documentation for Ariadne here and they're actively seeking feedback and welcome contributions!


Using graphqlgen for our cloud stack

After Prisma's announcement of graphqlgen a couple of weeks ago, this article dives into how Meeshkan uses it within their cloud stack. This article goes over some key takeaways Meeshkan had working with graphqlgen and offers both examples and instructions on how to implement it oneself. A really great article to read to get a better understanding of resolvers in Apollo Server, graphqlgen; and it features a little bonus section unit testing your resolvers.

Building an API with GraphQL and Go

In his post, Bradford Lamson-Scribner offers a step by step guide to setting up an API using Go, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL, playing around with a small amount of dummy data. This tutorial provides a handy and straightforward walkthrough for anyone seeking to get started with Go and GraphQL.