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Query without worry: Quell 8.0 launches to amplify GraphQL queries

The Quell team introduces version 8.0, a powerful library that aims to simplify GraphQL caching. With a user-friendly approach, the article discusses the key features and improvements in Quell 8.0, highlighting how it enhances query performance and reduces complexity. Whether you're a GraphQL enthusiast or simply looking for ways to optimize your queries, this article provides valuable insights into the benefits of incorporating Quell 8.0 into your development workflow.

Announcing Edge Caching for any API

Grafbase recently launched Edge Caching for their product. If you're already using them, make sure to give this a try. And if you're looking for edge caching for your GraphQL API, you've now got more options to choose from.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Network Inspector is now available on Firefox

If you're using Firefox and were a (tiny) bit jealous that Chrome folks had access to GraphQL Network Inspector, we've got good news for you. It's now available for Firefox as well! 🎉

Tools & Open Source

Introducing MediQL, a Developer Tool to Enhance GraphQL Responses and Error Handling

MediQL is a GraphQL developer tool, built to work on top of GraphiQL, an open-source web-based integrated development environment (IDE). MediQL takes it a step further by delivering query response visualization, error indication, and the ability to observe original external API response objects which GraphiQL can not.

Tools & Open Source


Poozle is an open-source, fast and reliable platform to integrate data from external APIs via a single integration layer.

Tools & Open Source

REST APIs to GraphQL — Switch with Stitch

Are you considering migrating your REST APIs to GraphQL but don't know where to start? This article explores how Stitch can help you make the switch. Stitch is a tool that can automatically convert your REST APIs to GraphQL, saving you time and effort. The article provides step-by-step instructions and examples to demonstrate how Stitch works and shares some best practices to help you make the most of this tool. If you're looking for a way to streamline your API development process, check out this article!

Tools & Open Source

Obsidian 8.0

Obsidian, Deno's original GraphQL caching solution, just released version 8.0 with a ton of new features and improvements.


nitrogql is a toolchain for using GraphQL in TypeScript projects. The main features include type generation with source map support and static checks for your GraphQL code.


This is a TypeScript LSP Plugin that will recognise documents in your TypeScript code and help you out with hover-information, diagnostics, auto-complete and automatically generating Typed-Document-nodes.

Tools & Open Source

urql v4 Major Release

The urql team just released the v4 version of their GraphQL client. This release includes their new documentation based on TSDocs, a rewrite of their default fetch/HTTP transport, updates to their Persisted Queries and File Upload logic, as well as their switch to @0no-co/graphql.web, which drastically reduces the bundle size.

Tools & Open Source


graphql-web-lite provides an alias package that can be swapped in for the standard graphql package in client-side applications. It aims to reduce the size of imports that are in common use by GraphQL clients and users, while still providing most graphql exports that are used in other contexts.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Voyager

Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph. It's time to finally see the graph behind GraphQL.

Tools & Open Source


Garph is a GraphQL schema-builder for TypeScript, that aims to deliver tRPC-like Developer-Experience. On top of that, Garph provides a GraphQL compatibility layer and type-safety primitives for any TypeScript project. It is currently in Alpha, and looking for feedback!

Tools & Open Source

Announcing Postman’s new GraphQL client

Postman’s just released their new GraphQL client in open beta! Applying their learnings from building support for WebSockets, Socket.IO, and gRPC, they revisited the GraphQL client and built a development environment that is both simple and powerful.


Garph is a GraphQL schema-builder for TypeScript, that aims to deliver tRPC-like Developer-Experience. On top of that, Garph provides a GraphQL compability layer and type-safety primitives for any TypeScript project

Tools & Open Source

Hurl 2.0.0, the GraphQL Edition

The Hurl team recently announced version 2 of their popular CLI, allowing you to easily write HTTP calls via simple text files. And one of version 2s headliner features is support for GraphQL. If you regularly use your terminal to send GraphQL requests, make sure to give them a try,


A fully-featured GraphQL client that seamlessly integrates with the framework of your choice. Start with a schema. Write queries and let Houdini take care of the rest. Fully automatic and customizable. Declarative, Composable, Typesafe. First-class support for Fragments, Subscriptions, Pagination, List Mutations, Optimistic Responses, and more. You didn’t know you needed this.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQXL, a new language that extends GraphQL

GraphQXL is a new language built on top of the GraphQL syntax that extends the original language with some additional features useful for creating scalable and extensive server-side schemas.

Magidoc v3.0.0

Magidoc, a free open-source static documentation website generator for GraphQL, released version 3 with a transition from introspection to SDL templates and directive documentation.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Foundation adopts graphql-http

HTTP is the most common transport protocol for GraphQL. The GraphQL working group has been working on a GraphQL over HTTP specification and adopted the "graphql-http" project.

Announcing GraphQL Yoga v3

Hot on the heels of version 2 and after lots of experimentation and learning from production usage, The Guild released version 3 of GraphQL Yoga, including some major changes. There are so many great changes included; there's no way we can list them all here, so if you'd like to learn more, make sure to read their announcement.

Tools & Open Source

Contentlab CMS

Look no further if you are looking for a CMS exposing a GraphQL API and storing content in a Git repository. And if you are not (yet) looking for that combination, you might be missing out.


Kensa equips developers with the metrics and tools necessary to monitor and test their GraphQL requests, always ensuring the health and performance of their server. Developers can analyze metrics on high latency queries, track response data/errors, and view historical logs of recently made or saved queries.

Tools & Open Source

Caching Your GraphQL Queries in Deno Runtime

Jessical Balding and team are excited to announce the launch of DenoCacheQL, a GraphQL caching tool and GraphQL query playground for the Deno runtime environment. DenoCacheQL is an open source product developed in partnership with the tech accelerator, OS Labs.


Did you always want to run the new GraphiQL v2 as a desktop application? You can do so now with the new "graphiql-desktop" app, based on Electron. It's an early release, but it works great!

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