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Supabase recently released their "pg_graphql" extension, which allows you to query your existing PostgreSQL database via GraphQL without any additional work. The API is based on your existing database schema and you don't need to run any additional servers. It is pre-alpha software, so you might not yet want to use it for your production services.

Strapi v4

Strapi announced version 4 of their headless CMS, which allows you to customize and extend your API as well as the admin panel via plugins, improves performance, and reworked the core of the service to make it easier and faster to ship new features in the future. Oh, and it also includes a fantastic new look.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL-JS v16 is out!

A couple of days ago GraphQL-JS v16 was released. 🎉 It's a full rewrite in TypeScript and contains a ton of other new features and bug fixes! Overall 18 folks contributed to the new version.

Tools & Open Source

Amplication - Auto-generate Node.js apps

Amplication is an open-source development tool that helps build quality Node.js applications. Create a project, specify your types and it will generate a REST API, GraphQL API and a front-end to manage your data.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL API for Wordpress version 0.8 released!

GraphQL API for Wordpress is a Wordpress plugin that, you guessed it, allows you to add a GraphQL API to Wordpress! In version 0.8, the codebase has been refactored to enable extensions and more closely align with the GraphQL specification.

Tools & Open Source

Here Comes Quell: the Better Caching Solution for GraphQL

GraphQL allows developers to request multiple resources from a single URL. This makes standard HTTP caching challenging. Quell is an open-source, lightweight JavaScript library that enables efficient caching for GraphQL requests on both the client and server.

Introducing Spring GraphQL

Spring GraphQL is a GraphQL library for Java's Spring framework. In this article Rossen Stoyanchev goes through some of the features that have made it into the 1.0 milestone, and what's coming next.

Tools & Open Source

Juniper - A GraphQL server library for Rust

Juniper is a Rust library for building type-safe and blazingly fast GraphQL servers. It provides building blocks to add GraphQL to an existing web server, with pre-built integrations for the Actix, Hyper, Iron, Rocket, and Warp frameworks. It also includes a GraphQL Playground for easy exploration and debugging.

Tools & Open Source

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL is a deliberately weak and insecure implementation of GraphQL that provides a safe environment to attack a GraphQL application, allowing developers and IT professionals to test for vulnerabilities. DVGA has numerous flaws, such as Injections, Code Executions, Bypasses, Denial of Service, and more. Check out the article and repo to learn more about how to improve your GraphQL security posture.

Tools & Open Source

GiraphQL - A Plugin-Based GraphQL Schema Builder for TypeScript

GiraphQL makes writing GraphQL schemas in TypeScript easy, fast and enjoyable. The core of GiraphQL adds zero overhead at runtime and has GraphQL as its only dependency. By leaning heavily on TypeScript's ability to infer types, GiraphQL is the most type-safe way of writing GraphQL schemas in TypeScript/node while requiring very few manual type definitions and no code generation. GiraphQL has a unique and powerful plugin system that makes every plugin feel like its features are built into the core library. Plugins can extend almost any part of the API by adding new options or methods that can take full advantage of GiraphQLs type system.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Toolbox

GraphQL Toolbox features a collection of 50+ GraphQL resources and tools. The resources are categorized for easy searching and filtering. The site has a clean design and is easy to navigate. Check out GraphQL Toolbox to find tools for your next GraphQL project.

Graphqurl v1.0: curl for GraphQL

Graphqurl is a curl-like CLI for GraphQL that features query autocompletion, subscriptions over websocket, schema export, and more. The tool has just reached version 1.0. The first major release brings a reduced bundle size, an improved GraphiQL experience, and an improved scripting API. Check out the announcement article to learn more about what's new in Graphqurl v1.0.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus Example

This example repo by Daniel Norman serves as a demonstration of how to build a GraphQL server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus. The demo app shows how to build a robust, real-world GraphQL API and can be deployed to Railway easily. Follow along with Daniel to learn more about these great technologies.


graphql-go-tools is a library by Jens Neuse that includes an alternative to Apollo Federation Gateway. The library implements the Apollo Federation spec and also supports subscriptions. Check out the repo overview to find out if it might be a good fit for your projects.

Tools & Open Source

Tina Cloud - A Headless CMS Backed by Git

TinaCMS is an open-source, visual editor for React-based websites and applications. The makers of TinaCMS have just announced Tina Cloud, a headless GraphQL API with git integration. The product will be released in the coming weeks. Read up on the feature set in the announcement post.

Tools & Open Source

CDK Serverless

CDK Serverless is a tool suite created by Thorsten Hoeger which facilitate the use of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in serverless architectures. It provides project management features to configure your TypeScript CDK app and also higher-level (L3) constructs for different APIs and resources needed for serverless applications. Additionally, it leverages utility libraries to write Lambda functions and do live updates to Lambda function code during development.

GraphQL API Security best practices with AWS AppSync and Amplify

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service which allows developers to deploy and interact with serverless scalable GraphQL backends on AWS. AppSync uses security best practices that AWS has developed operating large systems at scale in the cloud, with built-in DDoS protection in all its GraphQL API endpoints leveraging the infrastructure, technologies, and techniques that AWS uses for many other services. Amplify is a platform and framework used to build secure and scalable applications in the cloud with enhanced development velocity. This repo by Danilo Poccia accompanies a session he gave to dive into AppSync security. It covers AppSync’s security features and describes when and how to use them for your own applications.

Tools & Open Source

Announcing the Neo4j GraphQL Library Beta Release

Neo4j has just announced the beta release of their official GraphQL integration, Neo4j GraphQL Library. The company is now dedicated to working on the Neo4j GraphQL Library on a full-time, ongoing basis. The library is built with TypeScript and focuses heavily on type safety. Check out the release post and library to learn more about how you can use the Neo4j GraphQL Library beta release today.

Tools & Open Source

gql - A GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno

gql is a universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno. It supports std/http, tinyhttp and any other backend framework. The library is well tested and has autogenerated docs. Check out the project to see code examples and to learn how you can start using gql in your Deno projects today.

Introducing Bramble: A Federated GraphQL Gateway Implemented In Go

Movio has just announced the release of Bramble, a federated GraphQL gateway implemented in Go. The open source project supports features like GraphQL federation, fine-grained authorization, a single binary deployment, and more. Check out the details about Bramble in the article to learn more about how you might benefit from this new project.

Tools & Open Source

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT is an interface to OPC UA servers. OPC UA is used in the field of process automation. This gateway gives access to automation data via GraphQL. It can also read the OPC UA object model and convert it to a GraphQL schema. The automation objects are presented with structure and elements in the GraphQL schema, together with tools like GraphiQL, it‘s easy to find the right objects and query the values of its elements. Check out OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT to learn more.

Tools & Open Source

BaseQL - Turn your base into a GraphQL API endpoint

BaseQL provides a dynamic GraphQL API for Airtable bases. It's built for allowing speed of development without the hassle of a managed database or complicated REST endpoints. BaseQL enables engineers and low/no coders everywhere to put a custom interface on top of an Airtable base. Checkout BaseQL today to learn more about how you can get a GraphQL API for Airtable bases.

GraphQL Tools - Mocking

The strongly-typed nature of a GraphQL API lends itself extremely well to mocking. This is an important part of a GraphQL-first development process because it enables front end developers to build out UI components and features without having to wait for a backend implementation. Check out the GraphQL Tools library (maintained by The Guild) and the Mocking package to learn more.