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Tools & Open Source

Python, hypothesis-graphql

Speaking of Python, if you're working with the Hypothesis library for testing, check out its GraphQL plugin. It allows you to generate arbitrary queries for your schema and test those in an automated manner.

Tools & Open Source

Announcing DeSolver for GraphQL

DeSolver for GraphQL: a lightweight, minimalist, unopinionated Node.js GraphQL framework providing a powerful yet approachable API for composing modular and reusable resolver business logic. DeSolver utilizes the middleware pattern as seen in other popular frameworks as a way to create "routing" for your resolvers.

Welcome DenoStore

If you’re using GraphQL and Deno and always wanted to have a better cache available, wait no longer, but look at DenoStore. The developers behind the project had one goal, to make caching GraphQL in Deno as easy to implement and as effective as possible.

Tools & Open Source

Vertex GraphQL Service Proxy

The Vertex GraphQL service proxy was inspired by current pitfalls Josh came across at work with monolithic GraphQL schemas. Vertex aims to solve this issue by allowing a single GraphQL endpoint to connect to many downstream services by parsing the query body and matching each query to a service.

Featuring GraphQL and Svelte Testing in Spearmint

Spearmint is an open-source prototyping tool made by developers, for developers, to simplify the process of creating tests for your application. The Spearmint team is proud to announce that the latest release of Spearmint now includes testing suites for both Svelte and GraphQL.

Tools & Open Source

SpectaQL 1.0

SpectaQL is a Node.js library that generates static documentation for a GraphQL schema using various options. The goal of SpectaQL is to help you keep your documentation complete, current, and beautiful with the least amount of pain possible.


Hoppscotch is a lightweight, web-based API development suite. It was built from the ground up with ease of use and accessibility, providing all the functionality needed for API developers with minimalist, unobtrusive UI. It is free-to-use and, as an added perk, completely open-source!

Tools & Open Source

Apollo Federation 2 is now generally available

Apollo released version 2 of their Federation framework. Their blog post details what’s new, like an improved developer experience, improved shared types, and more. They also have a migration guide if you want to learn more about moving to version 2.

Tools & Open Source

Manipulate and query GraphQL Schemas with ease using Microfiber

The Anvil team released SpectaQL a while ago. Now they are back with Microfiber, a tool to make interacting with and manipulating a GraphQL schema easy.

YarQL, A Graphql library for GoLang

If you’re working with GoLang and are looking into GraphQL, give YarQL a try.

Tools & Open Source

GraphiQL 2 Design Updates

The GraphiQL team updated the new design coming with version 2 of the project. If you’re interested in how it will look or want to provide feedback, follow the link below!

Announcing GraphQL Yoga 2.0!

The Guild announced version 2.0 of GraphQL Yoga. The focus for this release was allowing you to use the tooling you’re already familiar with in the GraphQL ecosystem, providing sensible defaults to speed up development and including standard features like support for subscriptions, file uploads, and advanced error handling routines.

Instant, beautiful docs for your GraphQL API

Do you run a GraphQL API and need to keep documentation updated? Give Graphdoc.io a try; it’s a new service that creates beautiful documentation based on your schema.

Tools & Open Source


KitQL is a new set of tools to help you build your apps more efficiently and quickly. If you’re planning to work on a new app with Svelte and GraphQL, make sure to take a look!

Tools & Open Source

GraphQLock: Secure your GraphQL application with ease

If you are looking at adding role-based access controls to your GraphQL API, give GraphQLock a try. It’s a new project built in collaboration with OSLabs and available as an NPM package.

Tools & Open Source

Announcing the Release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library 3.0.0

Neo4j just released version 3 of their GraphQL library, including better support for relationships, query limit controls, and many performance improvements and other updates. Support for the Cursor Connections Spec and GraphQL subscriptions are coming soon as well.

Tools & Open Source

Pothos GraphQL

Photos, formerly GiraphQL, is a plugin-based GraphQL schema builder for TypeScript. It simplifies building your GraphQL schemas, doesn’t add overhead at runtime, and only requires the GraphQL TypeScript library. If you’re already working with TypeScript, make sure to give it a try.

Tools & Open Source

Pothos GraphQL

Photos, formerly GiraphQL, is a plugin-based GraphQL schema builder for TypeScript. It simplifies building your GraphQL schemas, doesn’t add overhead at runtime, and only requires the GraphQL TypeScript library. If you’re already working with TypeScript, make sure to give it a try.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Network Inspector

Are you tired of using the "Network" tab of your browser's dev tools to look into GraphQL requests? Are you looking for something more targeted at analyzing GraphQL traffic? In that case, give the GraphQL Network Inspector for Chromium-based browsers a try.


Escape, a provider of GraphQL Security tooling, released https://graphql.security, which allows you to quickly run a couple of common security tests against your GraphQL API for free.

Tools & Open Source

Microcks 1.5.0 adds support for GraphQL

Version 1.5.0 of Microcks add GraphQL support to the OSS Kubernetes-native toolset for API Mocking and Testing.

Tools & Open Source


If you’re setting up a new e-commerce site and don’t know what to use yet, take a look at vendure. It’s a headless e-commerce framework based on GraphQL and built with Typescript and Node.js

Relay v13 released

We already mentioned the new Rust-based compiler in Relay v13 a couple of editions back. Now that the stable release is out, it’s time to take a look at what else changed.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL AuthZ - GraphQL Authorization Layer

The Guild recently released GraphQL AuthZ, a new open-source library for adding authorization layers to your GraphQL API. It integrates with all major GraphQL frameworks, has few dependencies, and keeps your schema clean from authorization logic.

Is This GraphQL | Chrome Extension

Have you ever wondered if a website you are visiting is using GraphQL? Well, if you are using Chrome (or a Chromium-based browser), you are in luck. The “Is This GraphQL” extension will show whether a site is using GraphQL right in your toolbar.

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