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Tools & Open Source

CDK Serverless

CDK Serverless is a tool suite created by Thorsten Hoeger which facilitate the use of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in serverless architectures. It provides project management features to configure your TypeScript CDK app and also higher-level (L3) constructs for different APIs and resources needed for serverless applications. Additionally, it leverages utility libraries to write Lambda functions and do live updates to Lambda function code during development.

GraphQL API Security best practices with AWS AppSync and Amplify

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service which allows developers to deploy and interact with serverless scalable GraphQL backends on AWS. AppSync uses security best practices that AWS has developed operating large systems at scale in the cloud, with built-in DDoS protection in all its GraphQL API endpoints leveraging the infrastructure, technologies, and techniques that AWS uses for many other services. Amplify is a platform and framework used to build secure and scalable applications in the cloud with enhanced development velocity. This repo by Danilo Poccia accompanies a session he gave to dive into AppSync security. It covers AppSync’s security features and describes when and how to use them for your own applications.

Tools & Open Source

Announcing the Neo4j GraphQL Library Beta Release

Neo4j has just announced the beta release of their official GraphQL integration, Neo4j GraphQL Library. The company is now dedicated to working on the Neo4j GraphQL Library on a full-time, ongoing basis. The library is built with TypeScript and focuses heavily on type safety. Check out the release post and library to learn more about how you can use the Neo4j GraphQL Library beta release today.

Tools & Open Source

gql - A GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno

gql is a universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno. It supports std/http, tinyhttp and any other backend framework. The library is well tested and has autogenerated docs. Check out the project to see code examples and to learn how you can start using gql in your Deno projects today.

Introducing Bramble: A Federated GraphQL Gateway Implemented In Go

Movio has just announced the release of Bramble, a federated GraphQL gateway implemented in Go. The open source project supports features like GraphQL federation, fine-grained authorization, a single binary deployment, and more. Check out the details about Bramble in the article to learn more about how you might benefit from this new project.

Tools & Open Source

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT

OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT is an interface to OPC UA servers. OPC UA is used in the field of process automation. This gateway gives access to automation data via GraphQL. It can also read the OPC UA object model and convert it to a GraphQL schema. The automation objects are presented with structure and elements in the GraphQL schema, together with tools like GraphiQL, it‘s easy to find the right objects and query the values of its elements. Check out OPC UA Gateway for GraphQL and MQTT to learn more.

Tools & Open Source

BaseQL - Turn your base into a GraphQL API endpoint

BaseQL provides a dynamic GraphQL API for Airtable bases. It's built for allowing speed of development without the hassle of a managed database or complicated REST endpoints. BaseQL enables engineers and low/no coders everywhere to put a custom interface on top of an Airtable base. Checkout BaseQL today to learn more about how you can get a GraphQL API for Airtable bases.

GraphQL Tools - Mocking

The strongly-typed nature of a GraphQL API lends itself extremely well to mocking. This is an important part of a GraphQL-first development process because it enables front end developers to build out UI components and features without having to wait for a backend implementation. Check out the GraphQL Tools library (maintained by The Guild) and the Mocking package to learn more.

Tools & Open Source


vite-plugin-vue-gql is a package that helps developers clean up their Vue SFC scripts by moving GraphQL queries to their own block. In doing so, it helps developers keep their Vue SFC files neat and organized. Check out the plugin to see how you can benefit from it in your own Vue projects.

Tools & Open Source

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application is an intentionally vulnerable implementation of Facebook's GraphQL technology. It was created by Dolev Farhi and its purpose is to help GraphQL developers learn and practice GraphQL security. Check out the project to learn how you can avoid common GraphQL security pitfalls and improve your application's security posture.

Tools & Open Source


Check out this new tool that lets you quickly build schemas and test on an online playground! Experiment, mock, and share your GraphQL APIs all from your browser. An extra feature that Schemattic provides is a bunch of directives like "fakeEmail" or "fakeName" that produce fake but meaningful data in the response. Each API that you create there gets a unique URL that you can easily share with your team to use it or for example to build a UI prototype with it.

Tools & Open Source


Check out GraphQL Zeus, a tool that provides autocompletion for strongly typed queries for Javascript or Typescript. The documentation provides instructions on how to set it up as well as how graphql-zeus interacts with interfaces, unions, performing queries with aliases, and more.

Tools & Open Source

Chaos QoaLa - Chaos Engineering meets GraphQL

Try out Chaos QoaLa, a chaos engineering tool for injecting failure into JavaScript backend GraphQL endpoints. This tool is supported on Express GraphQL and Apollo Server Express, and the documentation provides a clear guide on installation and configuration. Chaos QoaLa can also be used to add latency and remove specific data sections of a GraphQL server’s responses.

Tools & Open Source


Check out Draqula, a GraphQL client for React apps that provide only the essential React hooks for building apps, useQuery and useMutation. This minimalistic tool can help you maintain a small and simple codebase by focusing on executing the basics properly and efficiently. Some features include basic cache implementation, automatic retries of network/timeout errors and failed GraphQL queries, and a straightforward way to hook into requests without middleware.

Tools & Open Source

8base – GraphQL API and Serverless Back End

8base is a ready-to-use serverless backend that generates a GraphQL API based on your database schema. It’s framework agnostic, relational data-driven, and can be used for SaaS applications. 8base allows devs to build out applications using a frontend framework of their choice and backend functions written in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Tools & Open Source


Try out GraphQL Manifold for productive schema-first GraphQL development in any Java project. GraphQL Manifold allows Java code to directly access types and queries defined in native GraphQL schema files. The documentation provides a sample project that demonstrate all the various features of the tool, such as loading a GraphQL object, executing queries and mutations, and configuring HTTP requests.


Introducing GraphQLZero, a free, online GraphQL API that allows users to get fake data from a real backend while testing or prototyping an app. Inspired and powered by JSONPlaceholder, this tool serves the same dataset but in the form of a GraphQL API. To get started, there are example queries and mutations to run against a real backend provided in the documentation.


Check out Diane.jl, a library that provides tools to implement a GraphQL API in Julia using both the code-first and schema-first approach. Diana.jl is easy to use and data agnostic, supporting any type of data source like SQL, NoSQL, etc. Use this package to quickly build schemas and types that are fully compliant with the GraphQL spec in Julia.

Tools & Open Source


Check out Hypnos, a new desktop application to sandbox GraphQL calls to RESTful APIs. Some features include a local query history from your sessions, multiple tabs that save the endpoint and query, and authenticated APIs. Available for Mac or Windows, Hypnos can be easily installed and supports calls to both open APIs and APIs requiring a key.

Tools & Open Source


Play with this open source Minecraft clone built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS all on the browser! This project brings the whole PC game Minecraft onto the web with the power of Javascript. It’s a work in progress, and although features still need to be implemented, you can check out how the current graphics and neatly styled game UI were built.

Tools & Open Source


Introducing Warthog, a Node.js GraphQL API framework for quickly building consistent GraphQL APIs. Every API comes equipped with sorting, filtering, and pagination out of the box. Explore how Warthog automatically generates your Database Schema, GraphQL schema, and more!