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Handling User Permissions in GraphQL

In this short but very informative article, Radoslav Stankov from the Product Hunt engineering team shares their approach for implementing permissions logic on the server-side.

Reconciling GraphQL and Thrift at Airbnb

The biggest splash in the GraphQL community this week was caused by Adam Neary from Airbnb. In his article, "Reconciling GraphQL and Thrift at Airbnb", he explains how the engineering team at Airbnb has finally adopted GraphQL and shares many insights regarding the struggles and challenges they were facing along the way. A must-read for everyone who's still not quite convinced that GraphQL is the right tool for them.


🇳🇱 Videos from GraphQL Day Amsterdam

The videos from the GraphQL Day conference have been released! Check out the awesome talks by Johannes Schickling, Sara Vieira, Ivan Goncharov, Ken Wheeler, Ruben Verborgh and Martijn Walraven.


GraphQL Shield

The GraphQL Shield library allows to implement authorization logic in your GraphQL server based on graphql-middleware. In this tutorial, Matic Zavadlal explains how to build a simple groceries shopping application that manages permissions with graphql-shield.

Build a Simple GraphQL Server with GraphQL Yoga

This GraphQL lesson by Christian Nwamba on the amazing egghead.io website takes you through the process of setting up a GraphQL server with the graphql-yoga library. The easiest way to get started with GraphQL!