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Announcing GraphQL Workshop!

Eve Porcello and Alex Banks, authors of the O'Reilly "Learning GraphQL" book which is coming out soon, recently announced they're going on a GraphQL Workshop tour. These two-day workshops will teach you everything you need to know about building GraphQL servers and interacting with their APIs from the frontend.


5 Tips & Tricks for Building GraphQL APIs

In this excellent article, Laura Medalia shares a some tips and tricks for building GraphQL APIs. It is especially helpful as she discusses them in the context of her own experience.

Understanding GraphQL (finally)

GraphQL can be difficult to grasp at first - but as soon as it clicks, people get excited about the various possibilities. Erin Fox from Major League Soccer recently had that experience and immediately shared her knowledge via a blog post! Definitely give this article a read if you're still in the camp of not quite understanding the value GraphQL provides.

GraphQL schema delegation

Schema stitching and schema delegation still are relatively new topics in the GraphQL community. In this post, the author of the schema stitching functionality in graphql-tools Mikhail Novikov, explains the idea behind schema delegation and its various use cases.

Tools & Open Source

Strapi introduces GraphQL 🎉

The open-source content management framework strapi just announced that it will now also be possible to query their generated APIs via a dedicated GraphQL layer. The corresponding GraphQL API provides everything you need: CRUD operations, filters, permissions and the possibility to customize the generated GraphQL schema. This is a game-changer for many content creators.


Bernardo Raposo who recently already built the awesome graphql-css library now created another tool bridging the gap between design and GraphQL tooling. figma-graphql is a GraphQL connector for the Figma Web API.