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Videos & Talks

GraphQL Basics on Fun Fun Function (~44 min)

Mattias P Johansson, host of the popular Youtube Channel Fun Fun Function (> 105k subscribers), did a first video about GraphQL! In this lesson, Mattias gives a quick introduction to GraphQL and demonstrates how to implement a GraphQL server using node.js, express and express-graphql.

GraphQL Radio: Building a Headless GraphQL CMS (GraphCMS)

GraphQL Radio is back with another episode. This time, the hosts interview Michael Lukaszczyk , co-founder of GraphCMS, to learn why GraphQL is such a great fit for content management systems in general and what's special about GraphCMS.


Discontinuing Reindex Backend as a Service

Ville Immonen, co-founder of Reindex (a GraphQL Backend as a Service), has announced that they will be discontinuing the hosted service of Reindex. The code will be open-sourced though, so it'll still be possible to run your own instance of it. If you're looking for an alternative, check out Graphcool, a powerful GraphQL backend development platform.

GraphQL Summit 2017 (Early bird tickets still available)

Only one month left until the worl's biggest GraphQL conference. More speakers have been announced this week, among them Jon Wong (Coursera), Jira Vinyoopongphan (CapitalIOne), Brian Douglas (Netlify) and Syrus Akbary (author of graphene, a Python GraphQL implementation). Make sure to grab your ticket!

Articles & Tutorials

Rewriting a financial product using GraphQL

Adam Yee, developer at Xero, with a great article about transitioning from REST to GraphQL. Adam gives many insights into the benefits they saw from switching to GraphQL, ranging from being able to delete much of their boilerplate and duplicated code over having more efficiency in data transfer over the network and easier state management inside the app to developer productivity.

Server Side Rendering with GraphQL

In this post, Lewis Chung gives a technical deep dive into server-side rendering with React and Apollo Client. A really informative article with many great illustrations and code samples!