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GraphQL Meetup in NYC

There is a new member in the global GraphQL Meetup community. A warm welcome to the New York edition! Get in touch with @kurtiskemple if you're interested in speaking 🙌

GraphQL Radio Episode #4: Evolving GraphQL @ Parabol

In the new GraphQL Radio episode, Jordan Husney and Matthew Krick speak about their experience using GraphQL at Parabol.

Articles & Tutorials

React, Relay and GraphQL: Under the Hood of the Times Website Redesign

The New York Times has been one of the early adopters of GraphQL. In this post, Scott Taylor gives some insight on how they adopted GraphQL and Relay in their technology stack. A short but very informative read!

Build a Realtime React Native with Graphcool and Apollo

In this first of three parts, Nader Dabit teaches you how to build a React Native app that runs against a GraphQL API. The app uses Apollo Client and Graphcool and also integrates realtime functionality with GraphQL Subscriptions. The final code is available on GitHub.

Tools & Open Source


graphql-vigilant-bot by Jonathan Cardoso Machado is a Github bot to find breaking changes in your schema.graphql file. A nice tool that will help you with your GraphQL developer workflows!

GraphQL Just Got A Whole Lot "Prettier"

prettier is an "opinionated code formatter" that helps keep your coding style consistent. Good news: You can now also use it with GraphQL! Read up on the backstory with this post by Jon Wong.