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GraphQL Europe - Location Announced

The venue for the first GraphQL conference in Europe has been announced. And it's gorgeous! The nhow is seated in the heart of Berlin, and right on the Spree. And even the brand colors match with GraphQL. Make sure to grab your early ticket and don't miss this awesome location in the GraphQL capital of Europe.

Articles & Videos

Apollo Client’s new imperative store API

The new imperative store API for Apollo grant you complete control over the data in your cache. This is especially useful for updates after a mutation. If you did not look forward to the release of version 1 yet, now you surely should!

Five Ways Vulcan Makes Apollo Even Better

Vulcan is an extra utility layer on top of Meteor, React, and Apollo that helps you build your apps. It comes with features such as data loading and updating, generating and handling forms, user accounts and smarter fragments. Vulcan aims to be the glue between all the fancy technologies available and it looks super cool. Go check it out!

How to set up a GraphQL backend for Apollo apps with Graphcool

This post is an alternative part 2 for the Fullstack React + GraphQL tutorial by the folks over at Apollo. You'll learn how to connect an Apollo application to an actual GraphQL endpoint so that you can interact with a fully functional server. This resource is super helpful if you want to get started writing GraphQL apps in React!

Open Source


graphql-up is a command-line tool that lets you spin up a ready-to-use GraphQL API based on a schema file. It's insane how easy it is to get started with GraphQL using this tool. By adding the graphql-up badge to your example project or documentation, you can tremendously enhance the experience of fellow developers. We're sold!