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OSS composition and validation library for Apollo Federation

In this article, you'll dive into open-source software and its impact on web development. It explores the concept of Apollo Federation, shedding light on its key aspects, benefits, and the community's involvement. This insightful read offers a practical glimpse into a valuable tool that is changing how developers work together.

Unlock GraphQL’s Full Potential Securely with FortifyQL

In this article, you'll join the author on a journey to uncover the untapped potential of GraphQL, all while keeping security at the forefront. They'll introduce you to FortifyQL, a tool that promises to make your GraphQL usage more secure. So, if you're looking to bolster your GraphQL projects while avoiding data breaches, this might be a worthy read.

An Introduction to Cosmo Router: Blazingly Fast Open-Source Federation V1/V2 Gateway

Ready to explore the world of open-source federation gateways? This article offers a casual introduction to Cosmo Router, a promising player in the game. It takes you through the basics and potential benefits, giving you a practical look at what it offers. This read will be worthwhile if you're looking for a reliable federation gateway.

The Hidden Performance Cost of NodeJS and GraphQL

In this article, the author uncovers a lesser-known facet of Node.js performance. They delve into the hidden performance costs that might catch you by surprise when working with this popular runtime environment. So, if you're a Node.js enthusiast or just curious about the intricacies of web development, this insightful piece could shed light on some key considerations.

A graph is not a set of nodes. Getting to the root of GraphQL complaints.

In this article, the author delves into the core of GraphQL complaints, highlighting a common misconception. They explain why a GraphQL graph isn't simply a collection of nodes, offering valuable insights for developers and GraphQL enthusiasts looking to better understand this query language's intricacies. If you've ever had questions or concerns about GraphQL's structure, this read might provide the answers you seek.

Announcing Partial Query Caching: Automatically split your GraphQL Queries at the Edge for Ideal Caching

In this article, the author takes a practical look at the concept of partial query caching. They explore how this optimization technique can boost performance in data-intensive applications. If you're curious about enhancing your application's efficiency and want to understand how partial query caching fits into the picture, this piece offers a down-to-earth explanation to help you make informed decisions in your development journey.


GraphQL Mesh - Query Any API, Run On Any Platform • Uri Goldshtein • GOTO 2023

There is an old debate about which API protocols are better. OpenAPI, GraphQL, gRPC and others. In this talk I'll demonstrate why you don't need to choose one. You can achieve complete interoperability between any protocol and use the best feature of each for the right task in the right runtime environment (even only on the client...)

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