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GraphQL and Type Systems

In this article, Jean Niklas dives into GraphQL and type systems, unraveling their significance and exploring the advantages they bring to the table. With a casual and conversational tone, the article sheds light on the complexities and possibilities of these technologies, inviting readers to ponder their potential applications and benefits in modern web development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or curious about GraphQL, this article offers a valuable perspective worth exploring.

Building Dynamic Applications with Lambda and GraphQL Subscriptions

Devaka explores the powerful combination of AWS Lambda and GraphQL subscriptions, delving into how they can be used to build dynamic applications. With a blend of technical insights and practical examples, the article highlights the benefits of leveraging these technologies for real-time data updates and event-driven architectures. So whether you're a developer looking to enhance your application's interactivity or simply curious about serverless and GraphQL, this article offers valuable guidance and inspiration.

Keep parts of your GraphQL Introspection Query hidden

Florian uncovers a clever technique to hide certain parts of your GraphQL introspection query. By cleverly leveraging GraphQL's introspection capabilities and combining schema directives and resolvers, the article reveals a practical approach to limit the information exposed in your introspection results. Whether you're concerned about exposing sensitive data or want to enhance security in your GraphQL APIs, this article offers valuable tips and tricks to help you safeguard your system.

Tools & Open Source

Query without worry: Quell 8.0 launches to amplify GraphQL queries

The Quell team introduces version 8.0, a powerful library that aims to simplify GraphQL caching. With a user-friendly approach, the article discusses the key features and improvements in Quell 8.0, highlighting how it enhances query performance and reduces complexity. Whether you're a GraphQL enthusiast or simply looking for ways to optimize your queries, this article provides valuable insights into the benefits of incorporating Quell 8.0 into your development workflow.

Announcing Edge Caching for any API

Grafbase recently launched Edge Caching for their product. If you're already using them, make sure to give this a try. And if you're looking for edge caching for your GraphQL API, you've now got more options to choose from.


Announcing GraphQLConf 2023, the official GraphQL conference from the GraphQL Foundation

The GraphQL Foundation is excited to announce the first event in the official GraphQL Conference series will be held September 19th-21st in San Francisco, CA. GraphQLConf is committed to bringing the entire GraphQL community together to learn, collaborate, and advance the state of GraphQL as an open ecosystem. The three-day event includes workshops, keynote sessions with an amazing lineup of featured speakers, and a multi-track session format powered by the GraphQL Community. Event registration and the CFP are open now. Register early to take advantage of the Early Bird rate and get your best talk and workshop ideas submitted through the CFP!

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