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Input Validation and Sanitization in GraphQL

Looking to level up your GraphQL game? Escape's latest blog post dives into the world of input validation and sanitization in GraphQL. Learn how to protect your APIs from malicious attacks and ensure data integrity. Get ready to enhance your code and build more secure applications. Check it out now!

Introducing Schema Policy in Hive

Curious about schema policy in Hive? Discover how schema policies can empower you to control and enforce data consistency, security, and access control in your GraphQL APIs. Say goodbye to manual enforcement and embrace the power of automated schema policy management. Don't miss out on this exciting read!

Turn Microservices into a Monolith with the Universal API ORM for REST, SOAP and GraphQL

Discover how WunderGraph ORM simplifies and supercharges your data management, eliminating the need for complex queries and boosting performance. Say hello to seamless integration and farewell to ORM headaches. Get ready to unleash the power of WunderGraph! Check it out now!

Announcing Inigo Analytics

Are you a GraphQL enthusiast in search of better insights and analytics for your APIs? Look no further! Inigo just introduced their new analytics tool for GraphQL, aiming to provide valuable data-driven insights into API usage. Discover how this tool optimizes performance, identifies bottlenecks, and empowers developers to make informed decisions. Don't miss the opportunity to level up your GraphQL analytics game. Head over to the article and explore this exciting new tool!

Announcing GraphQL Developer Portal: Give others access to your GraphQL API in minutes

You have partners or users that want to integrate with your platform. That’s great! You want to give them access to your GraphQL API. That’s even better! But then, almost immediately, you run into a few roadblocks: Authentication, Documentation, and Access Controls. Stellates Developer Portal can help with everything you need to make your API available in just a couple of clicks.

Tools & Open Source

Introducing MediQL, a Developer Tool to Enhance GraphQL Responses and Error Handling

MediQL is a GraphQL developer tool, built to work on top of GraphiQL, an open-source web-based integrated development environment (IDE). MediQL takes it a step further by delivering query response visualization, error indication, and the ability to observe original external API response objects which GraphiQL can not.


Rewriting Relay's GraphQL Compiler in Rust

What's a GraphQL compiler, and why would you want to (re)write one in Rust? How does Rust measure up compared to JavaScript (and other alternatives) when it comes to building this kind of software? Robert Balicki (engineer at Meta on the React Data team) talks about the decision and process of rewriting Relay's GraphQL Compiler in Rust, before diving into lessons learned. Watch to learn not only about how Relay is used and why they decided to rewrite its compiler in Rust, but also about the DOs and DON'Ts of writing compiler-like things.

Podcasts & Shows

Dylan Valade talks about how Puma is using GraphQL, challenges they encountered and how they overcame them

Dylan Valade is an accomplished technology executive, serving as the Head of Global E-Commerce Technology at PUMA. With an unwavering passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth, Dylan has been instrumental in transforming PUMA's online presence and establishing the brand as a leader in the global e-commerce landscape. His strategic thinking and innovative approach have propelled PUMA to new heights, delivering forward thinking and progressive digital experiences for customers around the world.

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