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On GraphQL-to-SQL

Learn more about the landscape of tools that map GraphQL to SQL. As GraphQL gains wider adoption, many tools and patterns emerge to ease the job of mapping GraphQL queries to SQL queries. In this thoughtful article Marc-André Giroux, the author of Production Ready GraphQL, explores the popular tools, the different features they offer, and reasons why some tools are better fit for new projects and others for adoption in existing codebases.

Nulls in GraphQL: Cheatsheet

In this article, Sezgi goes into what nulls mean in GraphQL and the spec's approach to nullability and error handling. Read more about how that connects with the approaches taken by Apollo and Relay. An interesting read for those looking to master nulls in GraphQL with a useful cheatsheet for quick reference.

A Deep Dive on Apollo Data Sources

GraphQL makes it easy for clients to fetch data from servers. But how does a GraphQL server source that data in the first place? Apollo Server data sources are a collection of classes that encapsulate the code for interacting with different data services, e.g. Mongo DB, REST API. Read along to learn about the current state of data fetching and how to write your own data source library

Demystifying GraphQL Connections

The GraphQL connection specification is a pattern for implementing cursor-based pagination. This article by Andrew Ingram addresses common misconceptions around it and the reasons for choosing connections as a pagination implementation over limit-offset pagination. Check it out to learn about the patterns, the role of edge types, and GraphQL schema examples.


GraphQL Tools is back - next generation schema stitching and new leadership

Announcing the new GraphQL Tools v6 together with the new documentation website. After the Guild has taken over the popular GraphQL Tools repository from the Apollo team, they've got a new release with many new features and bug fixes. The new release includes improvements to SDL-first tooling, ways to modify schemas with directives, and next-generation schema stitching.

Super Graph – GraphQL-to-SQL for Go

Super Graph gives you a GraphQL API for PostgreSQL database written in Go. It aims to cut development time by reducing the boilerplate when developing GraphQL APIs that use an SQL database. It automatically generates SQL queries and comes packed with features such as authentication, Rails integration, remote joins, JWT tokens and more. Learn more in the documentation.


Hands-On With The GRANDstack Starter Project - GraphQL, React, Apollo & Neo4j Database

The GraphQL ecosystem grows with more database connectors. GRANDstack is a frontend-backend-database stack with the Neo4j Graph Database. In a similar spirit to GraphQL-to-SQL mapping tools, GRANDstack helps build GraphQL APIs that leverage the Neo4j graph database. Watch this 20-minute video which covers bootstrapping an application, the development workflow, and deployment to Netlify.

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