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Relay: the GraphQL client that wants to do the dirty work for you

A series of articles by Gabriel Nordeborn and Sean Grove diving into Facebook's GraphQL client Relay. They cover what Relay is, why it's beneficial for application development, and why you should care. By following GraphQL best practices and Relay's conventions, it can give you a great developer experience. Moreover, they show how Relay can help in building maintainable, scalable, and performant applications.

How dataloader-codegen autogenerate DataLoaders for your GraphQL Server

Learn more about the motivations and lessons learned by Yelp while building the recently open-sourced dataloader-codegen library. The library can autogenerate type-safe DataLoaders for your GraphQL server and attempts to reap the benefits of DataLoaders while shifting developer focus from DataLoader implementation details to thinking in data resources. Especially interesting how they leverage type safety and code generation, as we see both techniques rising in popularity in the GraphQL and web development ecosystem.

The Biggest GraphQL Misconceptions

An article about three common misconceptions about GraphQL from the author of Production Ready GraphQL. Marc-André starts with how GraphQL APIs, despite serving as a typed reference, are not self-documenting on their own and benefit from usage examples. Second, on breaking API changes he explains that GraphQL is not inherently version-less, even though it favors evolution over versioning. Third, GraphQL is not a data language as it does not standardize filtering, pagination, and ordering.


The New GraphCMS is Live!

GraphCMS, the original GraphQL native Headless CMS, have announced a complete rebuild of their product with a line of new features. They've released content stages, union types (polymorphic relations), sortable relations and assets, filters on lists, and drastically updated webhooks. Furthermore their new GraphQL core engine shows massive performance gains of up to 40x in response times (in some larger and more complex queries, they have measured almost 100x gains). They're also hiring for new talent, specifically in backend, frontend, marketing, and sales.


Announcing GraphQL Fireside Chats: A Special Series of Online Events

A series of live-streamed panel discussions between prominent members from the GraphQL community. Join them as they discuss key topics in the GraphQL ecosystem.