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InQL - A Burp Extension for GraphQL Security Testing

An open source project to facilitate GraphQL technology security auditing efforts, Inql can fetch the metadata for information for Queries, mutations, subscriptions, fields and arguments, Objects and custom objects types. The project is written in Python, and can be used alone or as an extension in the Burp Suite.

GraphQL Mesh

GraphQL Mesh is an open-source library designed to provide developers access to services using other API specifications, such as GraphQL, Federated GraphQL, gRPC, openapi/Swagger, and more. The library also allows you to easily extend or modify your new schema, providing a fully-typed GraphQL SDK. A detailed description of how GraphQL Mesh works and usage examples are offered at the end of the post.

GraphQL Generation tool for stucco

Check out this interactive CLI tool, Centaur, used to create MongoDB Stucco Database Resolvers in TypeScript from GraphQL schemas. The generated available resolvers include CRUD operations, REST proxy resolvers, and more. Learn how to configure Centaur into your own project by following the installation instructions provided.


A Peek at the Future of GraphQL

This talk by Robert Zhu sheds some light on the roles and responsibilities of the GraphQL Foundation, Working-group, and steering committee. He also discusses the upcoming improvements to the GraphQL ecosystem projects, such as GraphQL.org and GraphiQL. Robert continues to share some potential and promising proposals for additions to the specification, summarizing the direction of GraphQL’s future in the upcoming years.

GraphQL Asia 2020 Talks

Take a look at this collection of videos from the GraphQL Asia 2020 conference. This playlist includes a variety of interesting talks, including API management and governance for GraphQL, better IoT with Serverless GraphQL, Authorization for GraphQL, and many other presentations.


Production Ready GraphQL

Written by Marc Andre Giroux who has maintained GitHub and Shopify GraphQL APIs and composed a number of helpful GraphQL articles and resources, Production Ready GraphQL is a book covering learnings and best practices when building GraphQL schemas at scale. The book is most for those who have already dabbled with GraphQL and covers topics such as GraphQL Schema Design, Performance and Security, Tooling and Workflows, and Architecture.