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Using "Loose Typings" in GraphQL to Allow Dynamic Grouping and Aggregation Queries

Sebastian Scholl from the 8base team shares how they were able to build a full-featured group and aggregations enabled GraphQL API with direct SQL access while still within the confines of GraphQL. Sebastian runs through how they utilize aliases that allows for dynamic types and attribute-names to be used.

How Apollo REST Data Source Deduplicates and Caches API calls

Learn about the potential ways to resolve data for a GraphQL endpoint using RESTful APIs and how to utilize Apollo’s REST Data Source library in Khalil Stemmler’s deep dive into an optimized GraphQL server. Find out how request dedication and resource caching works in REST Data Source. The article also provides tips to implement your own resource cache using the apollo-server-caching library.

GraphQL Advances when fetching data in iOS with Swift and Apollo SDK

This article discusses some advanced topics using GraphQL with Apollo SDK and Swift, including the usage of GraphQL fragments and Swift scalar types as well as the pros and cons to using GraphQL. Kristaps Grinbergs demonstrates how to use your own types for custom scalars and improve your code base with custom initializers for your app models.


The Evolution of an API: A Case for GraphQL

In this talk, Kylie Stewart explores APIs and the evolution of best practices. She unpacks how those evolving practices brought us to GraphQL and how this query language might benefit your codebase, with examples along the way.

My GraphQL Performance Problem

Follow along with Ben Award as he discovers a performance problem related to GraphQL and how he manages to debug and fix it. He examines beta type-graphql performance and looks for optimization by lowering the number of results fetched.