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Introducing GraphiQL Explorer 2.0

Introducing GraphiQL Explorer 2.0! Check out the new visual updates to schema fields and the multi-operation support that allows for multiple queries, mutations, and subscriptions simultaneously. Learn more about additional features in the sample GraphiQL playgrounds available in the article.

Urql, Grown Up

This blog post announces the newest features of the minimalist GraphQL client urql. Urql provides a way to customize and augment your GraphQL client, from how data is cached to how components receive data. The post includes their motivations for the project and details how they rebuilt the core of the library.


Graphql-user is a simple library providing reusable functions to help add authentication to your GraphQL API. This package is powered by bcrypt and jsonwebtoken.


A Year of Large Scale GraphQL - The Biggest Takeaways

This interesting article discusses the results of implementing GraphQL at scale. Peter Nycander shares the lessons he learned and his experience with GraphQL design, server side caching, mutation types, and schema stitching.


Building Modern APIs with GraphQL

A detailed talk, by Robert Zhu from the AWS Summit 2019, that breaks down modern API design challenges with GraphQL. A demo link is provided to follow along as he explains how GraphQL is implemented on the client and server side.