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Serverless GraphQL with Netlify Dev

A great talk by Shawn Wang where he approaches GraphQL from a frontend perspective and explores building a GraphQL API with a Serverless framework. Watch as he live codes different ways to stitch netlify function schemas.

Data Journey with Golang, GraphQL and Microservices

Interesting talk by Imre Nagi where he shares his journey from migrating a monolithic java app into a microservices app that utilizes Golang and GraphQL. He gives a detailed explanation on how these microservices affect efficiency, deployment, and scalability.

Mocking GraphQL Queries in React & Apollo

Check out this collection of live-coding tutorials that explain how to test GraphQL queries using static or dynamic mocks. Leigh Halliday demos using the Apollo Client and provides example source code in the description.

GraphQL Migration: A Proper Use Case for Metaprogramming?

In this exciting talk with a mix of live coding and explanation, Shawnee Gao shares how Square migrated their Ruby app to GraphQL and goes over the process of metaprogramming a GraphQL layer from a demo ruby server.


GraphQLifying REST

A detailed tutorial on how to use AWS AppSync to perform GraphQL queries and mutations against existing REST API endpoints. The tutorial shows how easy it is to define HTTP data sources and quickly map them to a GraphQL schema of your choice. A link to a video walkthrough is provided at the end of the tutorial.

An Empirical Analysis of GraphQL API Schemas in Open Code Repositories and Package Registries

This short academic paper provides a real world analysis of how GraphQL is being used. Reviewing over 20,000 GraphQL related projects and 37,000 dependent packages and repos, the paper highlights the usage of different schema constructs, the number of distinct types and the most popular types in schemas, as well as the presence of cycles in schemas.