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DinoQL is a customizable GraphQL style query language for interacting with JavaScript objects (JSON). Use DinoQL to traverse JavaScript objects the same way you query APIs with GraphQL. DinoQL supports aliases, filters, fragments and other native GraphQL functionality.


GraphQL Codegen 1.0 is here! GraphQL Code Generator is a CLI tool that generates code out of your GraphQL schema. This package analyzes and parses GraphQL syntax in order to output a wide variety of code formats, typings and even components. GraphQL Codegen includes a set of custom pre-built plugins but also allows extension with your own custom plugins.


GraphQL Middleware in 6 minutes

A quick tutorial on how to easily implement the GraphQL middleware library. In this live-coding session, Jamie Barton takes you through the steps of configuring Apollo Server 2 with graphql-middleware and how to run code before and after each resolver is called.

GraphQL + Apollo + VueJS = Magic

An entertaining talk by Sara Vieira from Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 where she demonstrates how to integrate GraphQL into a Vue app. She shares her experience with using the Apollo Client with Vue and even provides links to some useful examples on CodeSandbox.


The state of GraphQL

In this article, Tomek dives into some of the findings from the stateofjs.com and looks into GraphQL's increasing popularity, most liked aspects, most disliked aspects, and the usage. You can find his analysis and the link to the original survey in the article.