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Tools & Open Source


Introducing a Ruby plugin that allows you to implement caching and custom middleware for your GraphQL APIs. Configurable to work with or without Rails, GraphQL Cache integrates caching functionality into the graphql-ruby resolution process.


Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL, React, and Apollo: an absurdly deep dive

This detailed blog dives into building a full-stack GraphQL application using Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL, React, and the Apollo stack. Gain valuable insights on the inner workings of client, server, authentication, testing, and Apollo.

Complex GraphQL Filtering With neo4j-graphql.js

An advanced tutorial on combining filter inputs within GraphQL queries using neo4j-graphql. The blog discusses how we can modify filter arguments by nesting or adding logical operators. Try it out in real time with the Codesandbox provided in the post!

Schema-First GraphQL: The Road Less Travelled

This article discusses the different approaches for GraphQL API development and makes an argument for schema first design. Although he primarily explores the benefits of schema first design, he also shares his case for code-first development.


GraphQL in real life

An interesting talk with New York Times engineer Roberto Orgiu where he explores the usage of both GraphQL and REST while offer reasons for adopting the appropriate frameworks. He analyzes the benefits and downfalls of using GraphQL and provides tooling recommendations for working in an Android environment. He also shares ideas on how GraphQL can be implemented quickly within a large-scale project.

The GraphQL developer experience

Peggy Rayzis gives an excellent talk at the React Amsterdam 2019 Conference on the importance of a smooth developer experience to increase productivity. She demonstrates how GraphQL can help reduce the complexity of data fetching with the help of intuitive tooling.

How to add Authentication to your GraphQL Subscriptions

A quick live coding session with Ben Awad that details how to use sessions to act as an authentication layer to your GraphQL subscriptions.