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WTF is GraphQL?

"WTF is GraphQL" is a 1 minute and 44 seconds long video by Eve Porcello. It is a perfect shareable nugget to send to anyone unfamiliar with GraphQL to give them a comfortable overview in less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Boost your API Development with GraphQL & Prisma

Nikolas Burk gives a rich overview of GraphQL and how it works together with Prisma in his talk at GOTO Berlin. Giving an introduction to GraphQL and subsequently GraphQL servers, he rounds out his presentation by highlighting how Prisma works especially well with GraphQL, especially due to how it uses batching and caching to resolve the N+1 query problem, its realtime operations support, and end to end type safety. Lots of live coding examples throughout make the talk a great introduction to GraphQL and Prisma.

React State Management In a GraphQL Era

In a rousing talk from Frontend Con, Kitze goes over the evolution of how different libraries and frameworks work with data gathered from a REST endpoint. With a subsequent dive into how GraphQL changes the landscape, and the stacks in which it can be incorporated, the talk ends on an encouraging and comforting note. Not only great talk overall, but also a very fun and funny one to start the year off!


A New GraphQL Weekly Site ?

It's 2019, and GraphQL Weekly is back and with a makeover! The new GraphQL Weekly features a fresh site redesign, the ability to query the GraphQL Weekly backlog in the GraphQL playground, and an official GraphQL Weekly submission form, to consolidate how the newsletter gets tips on all of the amazing GraphQL projects and news happening around the internet! You can see all of the fun updates on the brand new site: https://www.graphqlweekly.com


GraphQL concepts I wish someone explained to me a year ago

A deep and helpful seven part series on GraphQL! In it Naresh Bhatia covers Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions for client and server implementations. The series distinguishes itself by deliberately covering a more advanced GraphQL example. It sets up a potential real life example of books, authors, and publishers to highlight some of the more complex problems that the relationships between entities can cause in GraphQL.

Tools & Open Source


Currently in alpha, Prime is a standalone, self-hosted, headless CMS with a GraphQL interface powered by TypeScript. Prime allows users to host their CMS locally and comes with a variety of features. While still early in its development, you can check out Prime's docs to see the scope of the offering.