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GraphQL: A Retrospective

After a migration two years ago from a legacy PHP system to GraphQL and Python, Verve recounts their experience with GraphQL, sharing how they implemented a stateless API gateway for their code. Explaining their rules for their backend API, and transparently covering some of the challenges they've faced in the build out, this blog post is an exciting piece that highlights, once again, the power of GraphQL to help teams move faster with greater autonomy.

ReasonML with GraphQL, the Future of Type-Safe Web Applications

For those curious to explore more with ReasonML and GraphQL, Ian Wilson has created a helpful tutorial on creating a small web app with a GraphQL endpoint and using ReasonML. A helpful walkthrough, the piece sets you up to create an app to track video games you've finished (a fun take on the classic to-do list) and offers some helpful resources to continue learning ReasonML.


How Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL and Apollo

An amazing two-parter. Adam Neary kicked off GraphQL summit last month with a blazing fast keynote live coding of a new AirBnb page, showcasing how GraphQL can help an engineering team quickly bring a beautiful design to production. Because of the breadth of the overview and all of the tooling that was showcased, Adam followed up with a detailed blog post explaining the variety of tools and techniques that make such rapid development possible.

Highlights from GraphQL Summit 2018

After a packed and exciting GraphQL Summit, Apollo has made the videos of the talks available online! The highlights blog post offers an excellent summary of the event, or you can jump into the full range of talks from all of the speakers on the GraphQL Summit site.

Open Source

Prisma Now Supports MongoDB (Preview) ?

The newest version of Prisma has added support for MongoDB , one of their most requested features. Currently in preview, the new feature offers embedded types, customizable IDs, and new directives. The announcement blog post offers a short tutorial on getting started and goes over a number neat improvements offered by the new release.