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Build a Static Blog with Nuxt.js, GraphQL and Cosmic

In this video, Erik Hanchett demonstrates how to build a blog site with Nuxt.js and GraphQL using Cosmic as a headless CMS. The tutorial focuses on how to make the site performant and the resulting demo site receives a page speed score of 98 out of 100. Follow along with Erik to find out how to build a fast website with Nuxt, GraphQL, and Cosmic.

Build Full-Stack Reddit Clone with GraphQL, Hasura, and Nhost

In this video tutorial, Johan Eliasson shows how to build a full-stack Reddit clone with GraphQL, Hasura, and Nhost. The tutorial is very in-depth and includes sections on setting up a Next.js app, registering and authenticating users, styling the project with Tailwind, and querying and mutating data with GraphQL. Follow along with Johan to learn more about how to build a full-stack app with these great technologies.


React / GraphQL Course - Build a social media app (MERNG Stack)

In this 6 hour tutorial, Ahmed Hadjou demonstrates how to build a social media app powered by GraphQL. The stack used for the app also includes MongoDB, Express, and React. The tutorial is great for beginners but also touches on intermediate to advanced topics like authentication. Follow along with Ahmed to learn how to create a GraphQL-powered full stack app.


Routing With Graph Algorithms | Building A Travel Guide With Gatsby, Neo4j, & GraphQL

In this video, William Lyon demonstrates how to use the pathfinding algorithms from Neo4j's Graph Data Science library to find efficient routes between points of interest in OpenStreetMap data. He also shows how to use the NeoMap graph app for Neo4j Desktop to visualize spatial data, including the returned routes. Follow along with William to learn how to use Neo4j's tools with GraphQL to query and visualize spatial data.


Why GraphQL Between Microservices Is the Worst & Best Idea

In this video, Uri Goldshtein talks about how GraphQL can be used to tie together different services. He demonstrates the approaches that are currently being discussed in the community, their downsides and pitfalls and also a radical new approach using a tool called GraphQL Mesh. Follow along with Uri as he demonstrates how GraphQL can be used in places and ways you might not expect.


Serverless GraphQL on AWS in 4 Minutes

In this video, Nader Dabit demonstrates how to create a GraphQL API on AWS AppSync using direct Lambda resolvers. With the recent addition of direct Lambda resolvers support, it's easier than ever to create a serverless GraphQL API on AWS. Follow along as Nader walks through how to work with AppSync and direct Lambda resolvers.

Add GraphQL CRUD to a NestJS API

In this livestream recording, Bram Borggreve walks through how to create a GraphQL CRUD API using NestJS. He covers how to work with queries, mutations, resolvers, and much more. The recording is fully timestamped and includes links to the example code. Follow along with Bram to learn how to build a GraphQL API using NestJS.


Fullstack React GraphQL TypeScript Tutorial

In this massive video tutorial, Ben Awad teaches how to build a full stack app with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript. He covers many technologies within the stack, including URQL, Apollo, Node, Postgres, TypeORM, Redis, Next.js, TypeGraphQL, and Chakra. Follow along with Ben as he shows how to build out a fully-functional application with these great technologies.


Joining Contentful Data in your Postgres Database with Hasura Remote Joins

Hasura, a tool for automatically creating GraphQL APIs on top of PostgreSQL introduced remote joins that allow federating data from different sources. In this short video, Vishwa Mehta shows how to establish a remote relationship with your Contentful schema in Hasura using Remote Joins. Check it out to learn more.


GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2020 Videos

GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2020 was a recent virtual event put on by Apollo. The event featured talks from a diverse lineup of GraphQL experts and those talks are now available to view on YouTube. Check out the playlist to catch up on all the great content presented at this year's GraphQL Summit.

Deno GraphQL Tutorial in 10 mins

This quick tutorial walks through how to create a GraphQL API in Deno. It covers how to define type definitions and resolvers and also how to stand up a GraphQL service to serve the API. Follow along to find out you can use Deno to build a GraphQL API.


Full Stack Serverless eCommerce with AWS Amplify & Stripe

In this live event, Shawn Wang will demonstrate how to build a full-stack serverless application by adding Stripe and AWS Amplify to a JAMStack project. The event is scheduled for August 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST. Join the live event to learn more about how to add payments to your GraphQL-powered apps.


GraphQL + Jamstack for Enterprise Apps with Shruti Kapoor

In this Learn with Jason session, Shruti Kapoor chats with Jason Lengstorf about how the JAMStack can be used in enterprise settings. She goes into detail about GraphQL, microservices, serverless, and more.

JavaScript Marathon: Fullstack React + GraphQL in 60 Minutes

In this JavaScript Marathon session, Shawn Wang teaches us how to build a full-stack serverless app with React and GraphQL deployed to AWS Amplify. To demonstrate, Shawn builds out a todos app and shows how to build in authentication and storage. Follow along to see how you can easily deploy your React and GraphQL apps to AWS Amplify.


Working with GraphQL in Postman

In this video, Joyce Lin demonstrates how to use Postman to query your GraphQL APIs. The tutorial goes into detail on GraphQL schema types, query autocompletion, GraphQL variables and sending GraphQL queries. Follow along to find out how Postman can help you debug and test your GraphQL APIs and ease development.


Build a JAMStack app with React, Fauna, GraphQL, Serverless

In this video, James Q Quick provides a crash course on how to build full stack applications with React, Netlify Functions, FaunaDB, and GraphQL. He provides the full source code for the lesson as well as a deployed sample app. Follow along with James' jam-packed course to learn how to build full-stack apps with these great technologies.


Hands-On With The GRANDstack Starter Project - GraphQL, React, Apollo & Neo4j Database

The GraphQL ecosystem grows with more database connectors. GRANDstack is a frontend-backend-database stack with the Neo4j Graph Database. In a similar spirit to GraphQL-to-SQL mapping tools, GRANDstack helps build GraphQL APIs that leverage the Neo4j graph database. Watch this 20-minute video which covers bootstrapping an application, the development workflow, and deployment to Netlify.


My existential crisis about errors in GraphQL vs Apollo vs Relay

In this short video, Sezgi discusses how error handling should be done according to the GraphQL specification and how this translates to Apollo and Relay which take a slightly different approach.

GraphQL Subscriptions with React and Apollo Client

A to-the-point 15-minute video tutorial on how to build a notifications component in React with Apollo Client to handle GraphQL Subscriptions. The tutorial starts with an empty repository all the way to a working client-side GraphQL subscription.


A Peek at the Future of GraphQL

This talk by Robert Zhu sheds some light on the roles and responsibilities of the GraphQL Foundation, Working-group, and steering committee. He also discusses the upcoming improvements to the GraphQL ecosystem projects, such as GraphQL.org and GraphiQL. Robert continues to share some potential and promising proposals for additions to the specification, summarizing the direction of GraphQL’s future in the upcoming years.

GraphQL Asia 2020 Talks

Take a look at this collection of videos from the GraphQL Asia 2020 conference. This playlist includes a variety of interesting talks, including API management and governance for GraphQL, better IoT with Serverless GraphQL, Authorization for GraphQL, and many other presentations.


Building Real-time Offline-first Apps with React, GraphQL, & Amplify DataStore

In a straightforward video tutorial, Nadir Dabit shows how one can build a simple messageboard with different colored messages with React, GraphQL, and Amplify DataStore. At the end of the video he demonstrates how the app behaves offline. At a concise 8 minutes, the tutorial is a quick view into the usage of the Amplify DataStore project.

Five years of GraphQL ?

2020 will mark five years since GraphQL was released. In this video, some of the most influential members of the GraphQL community, including Lee Byron, co-creator of GraphQL, reflect on their journey, and where GraphQL is headed next.

GraphQL Tooling, Today & Tomorrow

In this talk, Sean Grove from OneGraph explores the current state GraphQL tooling. Sean argues that GraphQL helps accelerate API adoption through developer happiness and the practices it encourages. The talk covers the role of APIs in achieving business goals and demonstrates how the latest practices and tooling assist in the development and adoption of GraphQL APIs.