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Next.js Route Handler with Yoga | graphql.wtf

The latest graphql.wtf episode explores how to create your own GraphQL Yoga route handler with Next App Router.


Rewriting Relay's GraphQL Compiler in Rust

What's a GraphQL compiler, and why would you want to (re)write one in Rust? How does Rust measure up compared to JavaScript (and other alternatives) when it comes to building this kind of software? Robert Balicki (engineer at Meta on the React Data team) talks about the decision and process of rewriting Relay's GraphQL Compiler in Rust, before diving into lessons learned. Watch to learn not only about how Relay is used and why they decided to rewrite its compiler in Rust, but also about the DOs and DON'Ts of writing compiler-like things.


How GraphQL & Apollo help drive Reddit's mission - Savannah Forood & Jameson Williams

Jameson and Savannah share some of the ways Reddit are using Apollo and GraphQL to deliver on their mission to bring community, belonging and empowerment to everyone in the world. After 4 years of GraphQL successfully powering the iOS home feed, the gateway eventually became unwieldy. So Reddit turned to federation. Once a federated graph was in place Reddit were able to build services in individual subgraphs, allowing engineers to work in unison, but independently. And inevitably opening the doors to some exciting projects...


Automate deploying GraphQL APIs to Cloudflare Workers

Deploy your GraphQL Yoga server automatically to Cloudflare Workers using GitHub Actions.


Type-safe GraphQL resolvers with garph

We've shared garph on the newsletter a couple of weeks ago. But now Jamie has created an awesome graphql.wtf episode which we simply have to share as well.


Denis Badurina: GraphQL over Internet

HTTP, WebSockets, Server-Sent Events. This talk by Denis was given at GraphQL Zurich and explains the various transports available for GraphQL services, efforts related to standardizing them, and libraries that help you get started.


Netflix share how avoid these GraphQL pitfalls - Stephen Spalding

Having made a bet on GraphQL Federation 3 years ago, Netflix knows a thing or two about the potential pitfalls. Stephen Spalding walks us through a couple of these pitfalls, which he calls Microservice Madness and Schema Anarchy.


GraphQL Zurich March @ FelFel, Good Food at Work, March 22nd

Recording of this weeks GraphQL Zurich Meetup with talks from Tim Suchanek on "How to protect your GraphQL API's load", Behrooz Tahanzadeh on "Learning GraphQL the Hard Way!" and Pascal Senn on "Beyond N+1: The true potential of DataLoader". It's a long recording, but definitely worth it!


Is GraphQL a trap? - Sasha Solomon

In this talk from GraphQL Summit 2022, Sasha Solomon considers whether GraphQL is a trap head-on. By better understanding how misapplying the technology can lead us into real traps, Sasha shows us how to lean into what GraphQL is good at. Giving us a consistent, intuitive, and maintainable schema that is usable by everyone and puts clients first.


GraphQL over HTTP

In this video, we'll explore GraphQL over HTTP Specification and how we can audit GraphQL APIs to ensure compliance.


GraphQL Network Inspector

A platform-agnostic network inspector specifically built for GraphQL. Clearly see individual GraphQL requests, including support for query batching.


GraphQL with Hoppscotch

Hoppscotch is a desktop and browser-based app you can use to make GraphQL requests. You can save requests for later with collections, use variables, browse the documentation, and more.


GraphQL Yoga 3 and ExpressJS

In this weeks episode Jamie shows how to create a GraphQL server with the new GraphQL Yoga 3 and ExpressJS. GraphQL Yoga 3 no longer comes bloated with various packages for different runtimes. Instead Yoga now ships with all the necessary functions to generate a schema, server, plugins, and leaves it to you to handle how to serve it.

GraphQL Conf Austin, Conference talks

The recordings for the talks given at GraphQL Conf in Austin are now available. If you missed a talk or want to revisit one, go ahead.


Creating a full-stack food ordering app with Hasura and Next.js

In this video series from Hasura, they guide you through all the required steps to create a food ordering application with Hasura Cloud, Vercel, and Next.js. You'll make use of the newly available Vercel and GitHub integrations and look into various topics, including code generators, fragments, subscriptions as well as authentication, and lots more.

graphql.wtf, GraphQL with Next.js 13 Server Components

In this week's episode of graphql.wtf Jamie Barton explores the new Next.js 13 release and specifically how to fetch data from a GraphQL backend using Next.js 13 server components.


Rate Limiting with GraphQL Yoga

Rate-limiting is a topic that comes up regularly in conversations with GraphQL teams. In this week's episode of graphql.wtf Jamie Barton explores how to implement user-based rate limits with GraphQL Yoga and Envelop.


Using GraphQL Code Generator with GraphQL Request

Learn how to consume types with the GraphQL Request library, and generate types using GraphQL Code Generator for GraphQL operations.

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