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Remix & GraphQL Request

Discover how to fetch data on the server with Remix loaders, and link between pages using the Remix Web Framework.


GraphQL Union Types and GraphQL Tools

Jamie Barton is at it again and provides us with a tutorial on GraphQL union types and how to define them using GraphQL Tools.


Modern GraphQL Crash Course - 2022

Laith Harb brings us a 3.5hrs long crash course on everything GraphQL. For those interested in more, this video is part of a longer course on Udemy.


GraphQL/JWT Speed Run with Refresh Tokens

Jack Harrington takes us on a speed run and in just thirty minutes shows us how to get JSON Web Token authentication running in GraphQL using refresh tokens, Axios, and React Query!


Graph Data Visualization With GraphQL & react-force-graph

In this video, William Lyon will show you how to build an interactive graph data visualization using a GraphQL data source. You will use Next.js, Vercel, and the react-force-graph library to add a graph visualization of users, tags, and articles posted to a link aggregator website.


GraphQL Mesh as a Gateway

GraphQL Mesh acts as a proxy to your existing APIs, and gives control over how data is retrieved. In this video, Jamie Barton explains how GraphQL Mesh can be used to transform your GraphQL query to the respective API, regardless of whether it is GraphQL, gRPC, Swagger, Postgres, or a non-typed API.


Turning the Cloud Inside Out

GraphQL is being used as more than just an alternative to REST. In this talk, Nader Dabit demonstrates how GraphQL can be used to build blockchain apps with Ethereum, 3rd-party API aggregation with OneGraph, and walks through implementing a cloud programming interface for AWS.

GraphQL and Skateboarding

As of 2020, Skateboarding is an Olympic sport! In this stream, Trevor Blades shows how GraphQL can be used to build a scoring system for Skateboarding tricks.


React and GraphQL Crash Course with Strapi

Strapi is a headless CMS that exposes both a REST and GraphQL API. In this course, The Net Ninja walks through creating a project with Strapi, and requesting data via GraphQL from a stand alone React application.


Autogenerate GraphQL API from Prisma schema

Building GraphQL APIs doesn't have to mean writing all the types by hand. In this talk, Michał Lytek demonstrates how to quickly create a GraphQL CRUD API using the Prisma integration for TypeGraphQL.


Real-time GraphQL APIs with Prisma and AWS AppSync

Building real-time GraphQL APIs is hard and time-consuming. In this lightning talk, Sylvain Simao demonstrates how Prisma-AppSync can be used to generate a production-ready GraphQL API for all CRUD operations, including real-time subscriptions.

Reintroducing Schema Stitching in 2021

Schema stitching is a way to create a single GraphQL schema for multiple services. In this video, Greg Macwilliam goes through some of the new features of The Guild's Schema Stitching library and how it compares to Apollo Federation.


Monitoring your GraphQL API with Fastify, Mercurius, and Prisma

In this talk, Daniel Norman shows how Fastify, Mercurius and Prisma can be used to create a GraphQL server. He also explores best practices to ensure the reliable operation of a GraphQL server and how to troubleshoot in production.

Building a WebAssembly GraphQL Client

WebAssemby is a super efficient, low-level language that can be used to create JavaScript modules. In this stream, Connor and Francis attempt to build a GraphQL client using WebAssembly.


Swift Community #6 GraphQL (with Ellen Shapiro)

Swift Community is video interview series by Vincent Pradeilles that looks at interesting technologies in the Swift ecosystem. Ellen Shapiro from Apollo was recently interviewed to talk about GraphQL and how it can be used in Swift. Check out the video to learn more from Ellen on how to use GraphQL in a Swift application.


What does the .NET ecosystem look like for GraphQL & is it maintained?

In this short video, Hasura looks at the what GraphQL looks like in the .NET ecosystem, how support is maintained, and more.


Finding Your Next Bug: GraphQL Hacking - OWASP London Chapter Meeting Live Stream

Katie Paxton-Fear recently gave a talk on finding GraphQL bugs at the OWASP London Chapter meeting. In the talk, Katie discusses common bugs found in GraphQL implementations and how to address them. Tune in to learn about how to search for bugs in your own GraphQL apps and what to do about them.


GraphQL Explained in 100 Seconds

This video on the Fireship YouTube channel provides a succinct but thorough description of GraphQL and how it compares to REST. It includes great animations which are useful for helping the viewer understand how data flows, the issues that exist around overfetching, and more. Check out the video to learn more about how GraphQL compares to REST.

GraphQL middleware for headless ecommerce with Crystallize Service API

Modern ecommerce solutions require using a stack of multiple services, each performing a part of the business logic. In this livestream originally aired on Feb 18, 2021, the Crystallize team demonstrates how to use GraphQL middlewares to create a decoupled architecture. Check out the video to learn more about how to split an application up based on responsibilities and how it is helpful for powering modern ecommerce.

Full Tutorial #7: Setting Up a User Session Query Handler | Microservices Chat App Using React, Node.js, TypeScript and GraphQL

In this video, Better Coding Academy shows how to set up user sessions in a chat app that uses GraphQL. The tutorial shows how to inject a session and use information from it. It builds on a series of videos showing how to build full stacks apps with GraphQL.


Adding Authorization to a GraphQL app with oso, Graphene and SQLAlchemy

This video by David Hatch demonstrates how to add authorization to a GraphQL app, specifically one using oso, Graphene, and SQLAlchemy. He covers how to explicitly specify authorization rules, how to integrate oso, and how to filter collections with SQLAlchemy. Follow along to learn more about how to protect your GraphQL apps.