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Building Enterprise Applications with the Magic of React, Redux, and GraphQL

Rizchel Dayao shares her insight on building an application with large volumes of data and configurations from start to finish using React, Redux, and GraphQL. She explains her experience of using React Containers, GraphQL middleware, and server side routing to build an enterprise application for IBM Cloud. The talk also includes a breakdown of why the engineering team chose this stack and some examples of best practices for optimal performance.

Components as Data: A Cross Platform GraphQL Component API

Listen to this informative talk by Luke Herrington that discusses when to use decoupled architecture and how to add design consistency, query optimization, simpler frontends, and more to your API. Luke examines how GraphQL types and queries are shared in the component library as data and how to design a content API. His presentation includes several examples on writing a cross platform UI library that implements a design schema and how it can be used as the rendering engine for each platform.


Client-Side GraphQL Using URQL — Learn With Jason

Watch Phil Pluckthun and Jovi De Croock from Formidable Labs in this live-coding session as they teach how to set up a GraphQL-powered frontend using URQL, a customizable GraphQL client. The two use Gatsby to demonstrate how to implement URQL and create a basic voting system.


GraphQL in the Python World

Listen to this immersive webinar recording where Nafiul Islam from the PyCharm team demos a GraphQL implementation for Python using the Graphene library. He first dives into what GraphQL is and what problems it solves in comparison to RESTful APIs. The video then covers how to write a todo application in Flask that will publish GraphQL endpoints. All the sample code presented during the webinar can be found in the comments underneath the video.


Having Your Cake and Eating It Too - GraphQL in Reason

Listen to Sean Grove’s in-depth talk at the You Gotta Love Frontend Conference 2019 as he presents the differences between REST and GraphQL through the example of Spotify’s REST API. He then introduces the package ocaml-graphql-server that demonstrates proper GraphQL support in ReasonML libraries. The talk includes thoughts on introspectable servers and queries, the new type-safe ReasonReact, hot reloading, and more.


GraphQL Microservices

In this video lecture, Robert Pitt discusses different ways to use microservices with GraphQL. He talks about how to use schema stitching to use GraphQl with a microservice architecture.

GraphQL vs REST for Side Projects

Watch as Ben Awad analyzes the pros and cons of GraphQL vs REST that he learned after building two side projects. Using GraphQL Playground, he provides insight into the advantages, such as no over/under fetching and no versioning of an API, and disadvantages, like complexity in fetching data efficiently. Ben adds his final thoughts on how to decide when a project is better suited for using GraphQL or REST.


Code talks about GraphQL

Codetalks.tv offers a wide range of tech talks from various conferences, from GraphQL Day to the JSConf Hawaii 2019. It’s a great place to find information on the latest tech events or even submit your own talk!


Tools for Building API's with GraphQL

Burke Holland and Chris Noring present five critical tools for building APIs with GraphQL. They provide a brief description and use case for all the tools discussed. This is a great intro to the GraphQL tools ecosystem.


Next Generation Intelligent Data Lakes, Powered by GraphQL

This interesting video discusses how GraphQL can easily connect and access data stored on any type of database technology or API. Ed Lima describes the different use cases where AWS AppSync and GraphQL power next-generation applications. Lastly, Candid Partners, shares how it uses AWS AppSync in its Data Fabric solution to simplify large-scale data management using a GraphQL API to interact with data lakes.


GraphQL Conf 2019 Talks

Take a look at this series of talks from the 2019 GraphQL conference. This collection of videos includes many GraphQL experts, such as Dan Schafer, Matt Mahoney, and others, who present on a variety of topics about GraphQL. Learn how to handle errors, build custom GraphQL tooling, implement code first schemas, and much more!


An Attacker's View of Serverless and GraphQL Apps

This interesting talk by Abhay Bhargav shares a hacker’s perspective on the various ways in which testers can discover and exploit serverless and GraphQL driven applications. He explains how testers can compromise sensitive information and gain access to database services, IAM services, and other cloud components. The talk includes a few demos that demonstrate how practical attacks can be carried out on your Serverless and GraphQL applications.

3 Things I wish I knew when starting with GraphQL

Watch the folks from Prismic discuss some key learnings from their experience on learning GraphQL and implementing GraphQL with React. The video offers great advice for those intimidated by the unfamiliarity of GraphQL. For those just starting out, they suggest learning the GraphQL spec from the official documentation first then understanding which client libraries are the best for your app.


GraphQL: The Documentary (Official Release)

Watch the official release of “GraphQL: The Documentary” starring Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, Nick Schrock, and other big names from the GraphQL community! The documentary explores the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it’s having on tech companies worldwide. It does a great job capturing the community and the creation of GraphQL from multiple perspectives.


GraphQL Conf - Live from Berlin

Follow along with the talks and presentations from the 2019 GraphQL Conf In Berlin! Watch live using the link or see the talks from Thursday on the Honeypot youtube channel.


From Relay to Apollo: A story of GraphQL clients

Listen in on Mihai Cîrlănaru’s talk as he shares a comparative view of the most popular JavaScript GraphQL clients, Relay and Apollo. He discusses their API structures, biggest selling points, and ways they are used in production. Mihai also goes into detail about the motivations and lessons learned in switching from Relay to Apollo in a production environment.

All the open source tools we've made for GraphQL

A detailed talk, by Michal Sanger, introduces all the open source tools that code.kiwi.com has made for GraphQL monitoring and schema checking. He explains the motivations behind building these packages and the different use cases for each tool. Links and resources to all the GitHub repos are provided throughout the talk.


Building Modern APIs with GraphQL

A detailed talk, by Robert Zhu from the AWS Summit 2019, that breaks down modern API design challenges with GraphQL. A demo link is provided to follow along as he explains how GraphQL is implemented on the client and server side.


GraphQL Talk From the Creators at Facebook

Watch as the creators of GraphQL, Dan Schafer and Lee Byron, discuss the challenges they faced at Facebook in 2012 and how it led them to GraphQL. They discuss the history of this open source API and the direction it’s headed in the future.

8 Part Series on React Native and GraphQL

An interesting 8 part live-coding series on creating a cross-platform application with React Native and GraphQL. Watch as Catalin Miron builds a habit and mood tracker and implements authentication, in-app purchases, and more! Links to the GitHub and his live stream are available in the video descriptions.


Serverless GraphQL with Netlify Dev

A great talk by Shawn Wang where he approaches GraphQL from a frontend perspective and explores building a GraphQL API with a Serverless framework. Watch as he live codes different ways to stitch netlify function schemas.

Data Journey with Golang, GraphQL and Microservices

Interesting talk by Imre Nagi where he shares his journey from migrating a monolithic java app into a microservices app that utilizes Golang and GraphQL. He gives a detailed explanation on how these microservices affect efficiency, deployment, and scalability.

Mocking GraphQL Queries in React & Apollo

Check out this collection of live-coding tutorials that explain how to test GraphQL queries using static or dynamic mocks. Leigh Halliday demos using the Apollo Client and provides example source code in the description.

GraphQL Migration: A Proper Use Case for Metaprogramming?

In this exciting talk with a mix of live coding and explanation, Shawnee Gao shares how Square migrated their Ruby app to GraphQL and goes over the process of metaprogramming a GraphQL layer from a demo ruby server.