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Serverless GraphQL with Netlify Dev

A great talk by Shawn Wang where he approaches GraphQL from a frontend perspective and explores building a GraphQL API with a Serverless framework. Watch as he live codes different ways to stitch netlify function schemas.

Data Journey with Golang, GraphQL and Microservices

Interesting talk by Imre Nagi where he shares his journey from migrating a monolithic java app into a microservices app that utilizes Golang and GraphQL. He gives a detailed explanation on how these microservices affect efficiency, deployment, and scalability.

Mocking GraphQL Queries in React & Apollo

Check out this collection of live-coding tutorials that explain how to test GraphQL queries using static or dynamic mocks. Leigh Halliday demos using the Apollo Client and provides example source code in the description.

GraphQL Migration: A Proper Use Case for Metaprogramming?

In this exciting talk with a mix of live coding and explanation, Shawnee Gao shares how Square migrated their Ruby app to GraphQL and goes over the process of metaprogramming a GraphQL layer from a demo ruby server.


GraphQL: The Documentary (Trailer)

Stay tuned for the release of Honeypot.io’s “GraphQL: The Documentary” on June 24th! Explore the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it’s having on big tech companies worldwide with Lee Byron, Nick Schrock, Dan Schafer, and many more.

5 Part Series on GraphQL Nexus

This is a 5 part video series introducing GraphQL Nexus and how to fully implement it. Part 1 goes over using GraphQL Nexus with Prisma and Apollo to create a GraphQL server. Cory McAboy does a great job explaining the library and what additional plugins can help add value to your GraphQL development life cycle.

GraphQL Asia Talks

A collection of GraphQL Asia talks that happened over the past week. Companies such as Airbnb spoke about the challenges of adopting GraphQL while others featured live demos of new tooling.


GraphQL Middleware in 6 minutes

A quick tutorial on how to easily implement the GraphQL middleware library. In this live-coding session, Jamie Barton takes you through the steps of configuring Apollo Server 2 with graphql-middleware and how to run code before and after each resolver is called.

GraphQL + Apollo + VueJS = Magic

An entertaining talk by Sara Vieira from Vuejs Amsterdam 2019 where she demonstrates how to integrate GraphQL into a Vue app. She shares her experience with using the Apollo Client with Vue and even provides links to some useful examples on CodeSandbox.


Building the new facebook.com with React, GraphQL and Relay

Developers at Facebook released a video on the launch of their new site and how they used React, GraphQL, and Relay to build it. Watch as they discuss how they used the latest technology, like React Suspense, to improve the web experience.

Let's Learn GraphQL

Explore fundamental GraphQL concepts with Sara Vieira as she demonstrates how to create a simple GraphQL server and use the Github API to mutate data. She provides a great overview on how to approach frontend and backend design.

Relay and GraphQL best practices

A great series of video workshops outlining proper usage and best practices around GraphQL and Relay. These live coding videos dive into relay style pagination, queries, mutations and GraphQL schema design.


GraphQL in real life

An interesting talk with New York Times engineer Roberto Orgiu where he explores the usage of both GraphQL and REST while offer reasons for adopting the appropriate frameworks. He analyzes the benefits and downfalls of using GraphQL and provides tooling recommendations for working in an Android environment. He also shares ideas on how GraphQL can be implemented quickly within a large-scale project.

The GraphQL developer experience

Peggy Rayzis gives an excellent talk at the React Amsterdam 2019 Conference on the importance of a smooth developer experience to increase productivity. She demonstrates how GraphQL can help reduce the complexity of data fetching with the help of intuitive tooling.

How to add Authentication to your GraphQL Subscriptions

A quick live coding session with Ben Awad that details how to use sessions to act as an authentication layer to your GraphQL subscriptions.


GraphQL Without GraphQL: Backend Agnostic Requests with GraphQL Style Querying

A great talk from ForwardJS 2019 that explores GraphQL's data fetching style and how we can apply that regardless of the backend implementation. The video provides a quick introduction to fetching data with GraphQL, then dives into how you can emulate that pattern without a GraphQL backend. This could provide a new and unique way to migrate frontend clients iteratively.


Understanding GraphQL through the Lens of Hip Hop

In a fun, short talk describing how he tried out GraphQL quickly without needing to overhaul the underlying API and setup at the time, Brian Douglas shares his experience using a GraphQL wrapper on a REST API. The presentation highlights how effective sampling can be for both hip hop and development.

Single GraphQL Server with Multiple Endpoints and Databases

Ben Awad and a fellow Patreon, dive into a live coding session where they attempt to combine multiple endpoints and disparate databases into a single unified GraphQL service. The video does a great job of showing some techniques and problems you encounter while taking on some advanced GraphQL concepts.


Zeit Meetup Lighting Talk: OneGraph

In a lightning talk at a Zeit meetup, Sean Grove, the founder of OneGraph, presents a mass-unsubscribe gmail app. Highlighting some of the cool features of GraphQL and OneGraph, the entertaining presentation does a great job of demonstrating what features are possible when multiple APIs are connected.


A Brief History of GraphQL by the Creator of GraphQL

An excellent presentation by Lee Byron, the co-creator of GraphQL, that gives a brief history on the birth of GraphQL and why Facebook decided to focus on the efficiency and user experience of their mobile app. He breaks down how GraphQL solved the RESTful issues of fragile client/server relationships and a slow network.

Animated 3 Part Series on GraphQL

This is a three part animated video series exploring what GraphQL is and what a GraphQL API can do. The videos do a good job of slowly introducing GraphQL, its features, and finally diving a little deeper into the GraphQL API itself. Part 1 is on "What Is GraphQL?", Part 2 covers "What GraphQL Can Do", and and Part 3 is on "What Does the GraphQL API Know?"


Managing TypeScript and GraphQL types in Node

GraphQL and Typescript both rely on type systems to function properly and reach their full potential. In this talk from GraphQL Day Toronto, Erica Pisani gives does an excellent job of presenting tools and solutions for managing these types effectively across your codebase. In the video she outlines some patterns and open source projects that aim to reduce this frustration and lead to a consistent and enjoyable developer experience.

So you want to distribute your GraphQL schema?

A great presentation on distributing GraphQL schemas and the reason why GraphQL was built and how that it guides how we use it. Marc-Andre Giroux discusses the different strategies designed to split up the schemas and the tradeoffs that come with it. He provides interesting alternatives on how to approach your GraphQL API.

From hell to GraphQL

A talk that is easily relatable for most developers. The team at Novvum details their journey, decisions and strategies for moving HyreCar's complex and undocumented legacy architecture to an approachable set of GraphQL powered services. The presentation outlines a few of the issues a team may face migrating to GraphQL and how to overcome them.


Secure & Manage APIs with GraphQL

At API Days in Paris, Ozair Sheikh, Director of Product Management from IBM, gave a unique talk on GraphQL specifically focussed on the managing and securing the API. After giving an introduction to GraphQL and the evolution of the API standards, he emphasises the processing power it takes to complete some GraphQL queries, especially as GraphQL queries (unlike REST) may invoke multiple backends. The talk then covers some security features that can be put in place to prevent GraphQL queries used maliciously and how the features of GraphQL itself can lend themselves to creating specific services for developers seeking to use a company's API. An interesting talk for GraphQL Aficionados and API Product Managers.

TypeGraphQL [Video Series]

Ben Awad has published a new 11 part series on using TypeGraphQL, which allows you to create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript. The series goes from setting up a TypeGraphQL server all the way through middleware and features like login, logout, retrieve their lost password. Hot off the press, (the last video was published on Thursday), the series is now available in full on youtube.


WTF is GraphQL?

"WTF is GraphQL" is a 1 minute and 44 seconds long video by Eve Porcello. It is a perfect shareable nugget to send to anyone unfamiliar with GraphQL to give them a comfortable overview in less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Boost your API Development with GraphQL & Prisma

Nikolas Burk gives a rich overview of GraphQL and how it works together with Prisma in his talk at GOTO Berlin. Giving an introduction to GraphQL and subsequently GraphQL servers, he rounds out his presentation by highlighting how Prisma works especially well with GraphQL, especially due to how it uses batching and caching to resolve the N+1 query problem, its realtime operations support, and end to end type safety. Lots of live coding examples throughout make the talk a great introduction to GraphQL and Prisma.

React State Management In a GraphQL Era

In a rousing talk from Frontend Con, Kitze goes over the evolution of how different libraries and frameworks work with data gathered from a REST endpoint. With a subsequent dive into how GraphQL changes the landscape, and the stacks in which it can be incorporated, the talk ends on an encouraging and comforting note. Not only great talk overall, but also a very fun and funny one to start the year off!


GraphQL with React and Apollo

If a video were judged exclusively on its comments, the joy of the watchers of this first of a four part series by Brad Traversy would put this video in a league of its own. Starting from scratch and diving deep into each step of the process, this series covers setting up GraphQL with React and Apollo using Express and pulling from SpaceX data 🚀. The final video in the series guides users through deploying the app they've built on Heroku.

Introduction to Django and GraphQL

In his DjangoCon talk, Patrick Arminio provides an overview of using GraphQL with Django and Python. After giving an intro to GraphQL, he covers queries, mutations, and other considerations, using Graphene as his Python library. He rounds out his talk by highlighting some security strategies against potential malicious queries.

A GraphQL field guide (with Java)

Speaking at Devoxx Belgium, Bojan Tomić goes over many common GraphQL features and concerns. With a focus on GraphQL with Java, especially using and highlighting the SPQR (pronounced speaker) library, he covers a variety of GraphQL topics such as addressing malicious queries, optimizing fetching, addressing the N+1 problem, authorization, caching and others.


GraphQL @ Medium Tech Talk Videos

Medium hosted a series of GraphQL tech talks last week, and the videos have now been uploaded to youtube. 3 talks cover various topics such as "Figuring out when and where to query using GraphQL" by Jonathan Fuchs, "Medium's Android app powered by RxApollo" by Dan Gilk, and "200 OK! Error handling in GraphQL" by Sasha Solomon.

GraphQL without GraphQL

In his talk at React Con 2018, Conor Hastings offers up an interesting proposition: GraphQL without GraphQL. Sharing his RouteQL project, he offers a possibility for how people could consider taking on some aspects of GraphQL in their code, specifically the power of the query system, without having to implement all of the aspects of GraphQL. As he points out in is talk, the code is compatible with GraphQL, so it could potentially make a migration to GraphQL in the future easier.


GraphQL Boilerplates

In her talk at React Alicante, Manjula Dube shares her GraphQL boilerplates that offer a starter, premade stack using GraphQL, Apollo server, and React. You can watch the video from the conference on youtube, or see the boilerplates themselves on Github

GraphQL Mutation on Golang

In another instalment by Rem Lampa for his screencast Add All The Bugs, Rem goes over implementing a GraphQL mutation with a Go server. Check out the previous installments if you're curious how to get started with GraphQL and Go.


How to use a Local PostgreSQL Database with Prisma by Ben Awad

Ben Awad is known for his awesome video tutorials on Youtube. In this video, he explores how Prisma works under the hood by setting it up with a Postgres database in a local Docker environment.

GraphQL Schema Delegation by Mikhail Novikov

This lighnting talk from React Europe introcudes the idea of GraphQL schema delegation. Special gem: The talk is given by Mikhail Novikov who is the author of the schema delegation functionality in the graphql-tools library.