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Building a GraphQL server with Netflix DGS: An unfiltered review

Check out Hasuras candid review of building a GraphQL server with Netflix's DGS! Dive into their thoughts on the process, its perks, and pitfalls. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes into GraphQL, this article has insights to offer.

dashQL- GraphQL Caching Solution

Curious about boosting your GraphQL API's performance? Dive into DashQL, another GraphQL caching solution! In this article, Dan explores how DashQL can turbocharge your app's responsiveness, making your users happier and your backend smoother.

Persisted Operations: The Easiest Way to Secure & Speed up Your GraphQL API

Wondering how to beef up security in your GraphQL APIs? Look no further! Dive into Stellate's latest article, where Max and Mark unpack the power of Persisted Operations. Learn how this approach can fortify your GraphQL backend against malicious attacks, ensuring your data stays safe and sound. Ready to level up your security game?

Benchmarking Grafbase vs Apollo vs Cosmo vs Mesh

Ever wondered how different GraphQL federation engines stack up against each other in terms of performance? Get ready to geek out with us on Grafbase's blog! In this article, they dive deep into benchmarking Grafbase against Apollo, Cosmo, and Mesh. Discover which one comes out on top and gain insights into optimizing your GraphQL setups. Let's roll up our sleeves and crunch some numbers!


The Problem With Relay Fragments And Conditional Rendering

Curious about React's circular state dependency conundrum? Explore Andrei Calazans' newest post on navigating circular state dependency with Relay Fragments. Discover strategies to overcome this common React challenge and fortify your application's resilience. Join the journey of untangling dependencies and crafting more robust React projects. Delve into the article now by following the link below.

In defense of simple architectures

Dan Luu's "Simple Architectures" champions simplicity in software design. By dissecting examples from diverse domains, Dan illustrates the value of uncomplicated systems. He emphasizes the role of predictability over complexity, urging readers to prioritize straightforward solutions. Through relatable anecdotes and logical reasoning, the article underscores the benefits of minimalist approaches in architecture. Luu's insights serve as a compelling reminder for developers to embrace simplicity as a cornerstone of effective software design.

Building an End-To-End App In Under 5 Minutes

The article guides you through building a ReactJS application with GraphQL API integration from start to finish. It covers setting up a GraphQL server, defining schemas, implementing resolvers, and connecting it to React components using Apollo Client. You'll learn how to fetch and display data seamlessly, empowering you to create powerful, efficient web applications.

Flexible API’s with Rails and GraphQL

This article dives into the realm of flexible APIs by combining Rails and GraphQL. It explores the benefits of GraphQL's flexibility over RESTful APIs and demonstrates how to integrate GraphQL into a Rails application seamlessly. You'll learn about defining GraphQL types, queries, mutations, and schema stitching, empowering you to build APIs that cater precisely to your application's needs.


GraphQL Fragments: The Perfect Match for UI Components

Unleash the power of GraphQL fragments! Dive into how these dynamic tools complement UI components, streamlining development and enhancing flexibility. Learn how to harness their potential to create more efficient, maintainable, scalable user interfaces. Let's demystify GraphQL fragments and revolutionize your approach to frontend development!

Building a Simple Blogging GraphQL API with Django and Strawberry

Embark on a journey into GraphQL API development with Django and Strawberry! This insightful guide will walk you through building a simple yet powerful blogging API. From setup to implementation, discover how to leverage the best of Django's capabilities and the elegance of Strawberry to create a robust backend solution. Get ready to level up your GraphQL skills and unlock new possibilities for your projects!

GraphQL Insights with Stellate

Ready to elevate your GraphQL game? Join us as we unveil the secret to clarity in GraphQL with Stellate. This illuminating read will explore how Stellate revolutionizes GraphQL development by simplifying complex schemas and optimizing performance. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this article will guide you through harnessing the power of Stellate to streamline your GraphQL projects and achieve unparalleled clarity. Get ready to transform your GraphQL experience!


Scaling GraphQL development at Meetup

Dive into our journey of scaling GraphQL development at Meetup. Learn how they tackled challenges, optimized performance, and empowered their team to build better, faster, and stronger. Get ready for some behind-the-scenes insights and practical tips to level up your GraphQL game! 🚀🔍

The GraphQL Survey 2024

Wondering about the latest trends in GraphQL for 2024? Dive into Hygraphs GraphQL Survey results and discover the pulse of the developer community. From popular tools to emerging practices, they've got the insights you need to stay ahead. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's something here for everyone.

Stellate Launch Week: Harden your GraphQL API with Stellate

Like any technology, operating GraphQL comes with security considerations to account for. Many of the security considerations stem from what makes GraphQL great - its flexibility. We’ve shipped several new features that will help you harden your GraphQL API so that you may continue to take advantage of GraphQL’s flexibility without sacrificing security.


From frustration to celebration: The magic that comes when GraphQL and TypeScript work together

Discover the synergy between GraphQL and TypeScript in this article! Join the author on a journey from frustration to celebration as they unravel the magic that unfolds when these two technologies join forces. Dive into real-world examples and insights that showcase the seamless collaboration, making development a joyous experience. If you're a developer seeking a smoother, more efficient workflow, this read is your gateway to the captivating realm where GraphQL and TypeScript unite. 🚀✨

GraphQL benefits and why you should adopt it in 2024

Curious about the state of GraphQL in 2024? Dive into this article for a pulse on the latest trends, insights, and the vibrant landscape of GraphQL adoption. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, join the exploration of how GraphQL continues to reshape the way we build and interact with APIs. It's a front-row seat to the evolving narrative of GraphQL's journey in 2024 – a must-read for tech enthusiasts and coding connoisseurs alike! 🚀🌐

How pg_graphql works

Unlock the secrets of Postgres-powered GraphQL in this exhilarating read! 🚀 Delve into the magic behind Supabase's PG-GraphQL, unraveling the wizardry that makes it tick. From seamless data access to turbocharged queries, this article unveils the game-changing tech that's reshaping database interactions. Whether you're a database aficionado or a GraphQL enthusiast, join the journey to discover how Supabase is redefining the landscape of PG-GraphQL with innovation and efficiency. Ready for a tech thrill? Dive in! 🌐✨


Serverless GraphQL Federation Router for AWS Lambda

Embark on a journey to streamline your AWS Lambda experience with this insightful article. Discover the ins and outs of implementing a serverless GraphQL federation router, tailor-made for developers seeking practical solutions. Skip the fluff and dive into a concise guide that demystifies the complexities, providing valuable insights for optimizing your GraphQL setups within the AWS Lambda environment. Explore without the fuss and level up your serverless architecture game.

Seaography: A Quick Dive into GraphQL for Rust Backend Development

Dive into the world of GraphQL for Rust backend development with this article on Seaography. In a quick yet comprehensive read, it explores the nuances, offering a practical guide for developers. Skip the jargon and get straight to the insights, making it an ideal pitstop for anyone navigating the realms of GraphQL in Rust.

Mastering GraphQL Complexity: A Guide to Effective Governance

Embark on the journey of mastering GraphQL complexity with this guide on effective governance. The article, a roadmap for developers, navigates the intricacies without unnecessary fluff. It's your companion to understanding and implementing robust governance strategies in the GraphQL landscape. Skip the complexities, embrace the insights, and elevate your GraphQL game with practical wisdom.


Inigo GraphQL, Advanced Alerts for Your GraphQL APIs

Monitoring GraphQL APIs has its own set of challenges. With their newly released advanced alerts, Inigo provides a crucial building block in making sure you're always aware how your API is doing and can address issues as soon as they come up.

Native Subscriptions in Federated GraphQL with Cosmo Router

Embark on a journey through federated GraphQL and native subscriptions in this article. The author shares insights into the integration of Cosmo Router, unraveling the complexities to make it accessible for developers. It's a down-to-earth guide that navigates the intricacies of native subscriptions, providing practical knowledge for those delving into the world of federated GraphQL.

How to Perform CSRF Attack in GraphQL

Explore the nuances of GraphQL security in this insightful article. The author takes a practical approach, delving into the mechanics of performing a CSRF attack within a GraphQL API. With a straightforward narrative, this piece provides valuable insights for developers keen on understanding and fortifying their systems against potential vulnerabilities.


Native Subscriptions in Federated GraphQL with Cosmo Router

Explore the nuances of native subscriptions in federated GraphQL with Cosmo Router. This article takes a practical approach, dissecting the intricacies without overwhelming jargon. Dive into the realm of GraphQL federation and gain insights into leveraging native subscriptions efficiently.

A Beginner's Guide to GraphQL in Scala

Embark on a beginner-friendly journey into the realm of GraphQL in Scala. This article gently introduces the uninitiated to the fundamentals. No overwhelming tech speak, just a casual stroll through the basics, making GraphQL approachable for those taking their initial steps in the Scala ecosystem.

Practical Strategies for GraphQL API Rate Limiting

Delve into practical strategies for GraphQL API rate limiting with this insightful piece. The article, adopting a down-to-earth tone, provides real-world approaches without drowning in technicalities. It's a guide that navigates the complexities of rate limiting in GraphQL, offering pragmatic insights for developers seeking effective implementation strategies.


Cache requests containing non-cacheable data with Partial Query Caching

Dive into the nuanced world of caching with Stellate's latest blog post. Uncover the complexities of handling non-cacheable data through a practical lens, exploring the why and how behind this crucial aspect of data management. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just curious about the intricacies of caching, this read offers a balanced insight without overwhelming tech jargon.

pg_graphql: Postgres functions now supported

Embark on a database journey with Supabase's latest blog post. Delve into the realm of PostgreSQL functions and GraphQL, where practical insights await curious developers. This read strikes a balance between depth and accessibility, offering a friendly guide for those navigating the intricacies of database functionalities. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this article promises valuable takeaways without drowning you in technicalities.

Grafbase: Introducing Federated Graphs

Join the exploration into federated graphs with Grafbase's latest changelog. This concise yet informative article navigates the realm of distributed data, shedding light on the intricacies of federated graphs. Geared towards developers seeking clarity, it strikes a balance between technical depth and approachable insights. Dive into this read for a pragmatic understanding of federated graphs without overwhelming complexity.

Real-Time Communication with GraphQL Subscriptions — A Trading app sample

Embark on a journey into real-time communication with GraphQL subscriptions through PC Pratheesh's latest Medium article. In this insightful piece, the author unveils the practicalities of implementing real-time features using GraphQL, using a trading app as a tangible example. It's a down-to-earth guide for developers seeking a hands-on understanding of GraphQL subscriptions and their application in real-world scenarios.


Building Open Source GraphQL Security

Delving into the realm of GraphQL security, this article provides a pragmatic exploration of open-source solutions. It navigates the intricacies with a balanced approach, offering insights without overwhelming enthusiasm. Readers will find a concise, informative guide to bolster their understanding of securing GraphQL in an open-source landscape.

Implementing a Relay GraphQL Server in Rust

If you're looking into building a Relay style GraphQL server in Rust, this article by Jordan has everything you need to get started.

How to load test your graphQL API using GitHub actions and Artillery

Suneeth will guide you through the process of load testing a GraphQL API using GitHub Actions and Artillery. The article is a straightforward resource for those seeking a hands-on approach to ensuring the robustness of their GraphQL infrastructure.

Embracing GraphQL - A Collaborative Journey

The journey of adopting GraphQL technology is a shared adventure, characterized by unique challenges and common trends. As we delve into the stories of fellow GraphQL adopters, it becomes evident that the journey is not a solitary quest, but rather a collective effort involving multiple stages of growth, exploration, and innovation.


GraphQL is Finally Boring

Explore the journey of GraphQL from hype to everyday utility in this article. Prithwish delves into the evolution of GraphQL's perception, highlighting its transition from an exciting novelty to a reliable tool. Discover how GraphQL's "boring" phase signifies its integration into the developer's toolkit, shedding the initial dazzle for a practical, functional role in web development.

Debunking GraphQL Myths and Misconceptions

In this article, Akshaya and Praveen take a down-to-earth approach to debunking common myths surrounding GraphQL. Without excessive hype, they sift through misconceptions, providing a practical perspective on what GraphQL truly offers. It's an insightful read for those seeking a clearer understanding of GraphQL's capabilities amid the noise of misinformation.

GraphQL directives for supercharging your API

In this piece, Abdulkadir navigates the landscape of GraphQL directives, offering a pragmatic guide to amplify API functionality. Without overwhelming excitement, they share insights into leveraging directives for enhanced control and efficiency. It's a practical exploration that sheds light on how GraphQL developers can wield directives as powerful tools in crafting versatile and streamlined APIs.

A Pentesters Guide to Graphql

Dive into the world of GraphQL security with this guide. Ana walks readers through a pentester's perspective on GraphQL vulnerabilities. Without excessive zeal, they share practical insights, equipping security enthusiasts with the know-how to navigate and fortify GraphQL implementations. It's a no-nonsense exploration of potential pitfalls and safeguards in the realm of GraphQL, providing valuable insights for those scrutinizing the security aspects of their applications.

OWASP GraphQL Cheat Sheet

Embark on a practical journey through GraphQL security with this guide. Without overwhelming, it equips readers with a cheat sheet, offering concise insights into securing GraphQL implementations. It's a no-frills resource for developers and security practitioners aiming to bolster their GraphQL defenses against potential threats.


Next.js (App Router), GraphQL Codegen & TanStack Query

Dive into a practical guide on leveraging Next.js, App Router, and GraphQL Codegen within the Tanstack ecosystem. This article explores the seamless integration of these tools, offering insights into efficient query handling. Explore the code and strategies to enhance your development workflow.

The Architect’s Dilemma: Navigating the world of GraphQL

Embark on a journey through the complexities of GraphQL architecture with this insightful read. Navigating the challenges faced by architects in the GraphQL world, the article provides practical perspectives on decision-making and problem-solving. It's a thoughtful exploration of the dilemmas architects encounter in shaping effective GraphQL solutions.

How to analyze the usage of your GraphQL Schema

Delve into the world of GraphQL schema analysis in this article. With a pragmatic approach, it guides readers through the process of scrutinizing GraphQL schemas for usage insights. The piece sheds light on practical methods to analyze and optimize schema usage, making it a valuable resource for developers looking to streamline their GraphQL implementations.


Understand and Build a GraphQL Federated API Gateway with Apollo and Nest

Explore a comprehensive guide demystifying GraphQL federated API gateways using Apollo and Nest, authored by Manjula Jayawardana. The article delves into the intricacies of setting up a robust, interconnected system without overwhelming jargon. With a focus on simplicity, it offers insights and practical steps, ideal for both beginners and seasoned developers. Dive in for a clear pathway to mastering this modern approach to API development without the unnecessary hype.


Enhancing Security in Your GraphQL APIs: A Guide to Response Mapping Templates with AWS AppSync and AWS CDK

In this article, Rushi Patel explores an essential aspect of GraphQL API security by delving into response mapping templates with AWS AppSync. They provide practical insights and guidance for developers looking to bolster their API's security and enhance data protection in an accessible, informative manner.

Compiling GraphQL for optimal performance: going beyond Dataloader

Akshaya Acharya from Hasura takes a deep dive into optimizing GraphQL performance by going beyond the traditional DataLoader approach. They share valuable insights and strategies for developers aiming to achieve optimal performance in their GraphQL APIs. If you're looking to enhance the efficiency of your GraphQL queries, this read offers practical advice and thoughtful considerations.

GraphQL as a (sort of) programming language

Leonardo Losoviz explores the concept of GraphQL as a versatile, almost programming language-like tool. They dive into the unique characteristics that make GraphQL an appealing choice for developers and discuss its potential applications in various scenarios. If you're curious about how GraphQL can be more than just a data query language, this article provides valuable insights and a fresh perspective.


OSS composition and validation library for Apollo Federation

In this article, you'll dive into open-source software and its impact on web development. It explores the concept of Apollo Federation, shedding light on its key aspects, benefits, and the community's involvement. This insightful read offers a practical glimpse into a valuable tool that is changing how developers work together.

Unlock GraphQL’s Full Potential Securely with FortifyQL

In this article, you'll join the author on a journey to uncover the untapped potential of GraphQL, all while keeping security at the forefront. They'll introduce you to FortifyQL, a tool that promises to make your GraphQL usage more secure. So, if you're looking to bolster your GraphQL projects while avoiding data breaches, this might be a worthy read.

An Introduction to Cosmo Router: Blazingly Fast Open-Source Federation V1/V2 Gateway

Ready to explore the world of open-source federation gateways? This article offers a casual introduction to Cosmo Router, a promising player in the game. It takes you through the basics and potential benefits, giving you a practical look at what it offers. This read will be worthwhile if you're looking for a reliable federation gateway.

The Hidden Performance Cost of NodeJS and GraphQL

In this article, the author uncovers a lesser-known facet of Node.js performance. They delve into the hidden performance costs that might catch you by surprise when working with this popular runtime environment. So, if you're a Node.js enthusiast or just curious about the intricacies of web development, this insightful piece could shed light on some key considerations.

A graph is not a set of nodes. Getting to the root of GraphQL complaints.

In this article, the author delves into the core of GraphQL complaints, highlighting a common misconception. They explain why a GraphQL graph isn't simply a collection of nodes, offering valuable insights for developers and GraphQL enthusiasts looking to better understand this query language's intricacies. If you've ever had questions or concerns about GraphQL's structure, this read might provide the answers you seek.

Announcing Partial Query Caching: Automatically split your GraphQL Queries at the Edge for Ideal Caching

In this article, the author takes a practical look at the concept of partial query caching. They explore how this optimization technique can boost performance in data-intensive applications. If you're curious about enhancing your application's efficiency and want to understand how partial query caching fits into the picture, this piece offers a down-to-earth explanation to help you make informed decisions in your development journey.


A Developer’s Journey To the AI and GraphQL Galaxy

In this exploration of one developer's voyage into the realms of AI and GraphQL, Yonatan shares their personal journey and experiences. From the initial curiosity that sparked their interest to the challenges faced along the way, this article offers an authentic glimpse into the world of these cutting-edge technologies.

Scaling GraphQL with Postgres - Lessons learned from our database timeout issues

In this article, Martin takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of scaling GraphQL with Postgres. Drawing from their own experiences and the lessons learned from grappling with database timeout issues, this piece offers practical insights for developers looking to navigate similar challenges.

GraphQL Federation with Ballerina and Apollo

Thisaru embarks on a 2-part journey to explore GraphQL federation using Ballerina and Apollo. With a grounded and practical approach, the author shares insights and experiences gained while delving into this topic. This piece serves as a valuable resource for developers seeking to understand the intricacies of GraphQL federation and how to implement it effectively with Ballerina and Apollo.

GraphQL with Django: The Complete Guide to Building Efficient APIs

Daniel dives into the world of GraphQL with Django, offering a detailed guide for building efficient APIs. With a pragmatic approach, the author shares valuable insights and practical tips garnered from their own experience. Whether you're a Django enthusiast or just curious about GraphQL, this piece is a must-read, providing a solid foundation for creating robust and streamlined APIs.

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